Croatia made History!! Beating England 2-1 to make it to the Finals!!

Croatia had finally made history by making it to the World Cup finals for the first time!!

It's a good game. England did well initially leading for the whole of the first half after Trippier scored from a free kick.

At the 68th minute, Perisic equalised with a goal which I think is really dangerously executed. He jumps and kicked the ball, almost kicking Wallker's head as well. But a goal is a goal, so 1-1 for both sides.

There were a few nerve wracking moments with both sides missing out on chances. Harry Kane had a chance to score is 7th goal but he missed twice. The game was brought to extra time.

Both sides have equal chances during the extra time, but it was Croatia's Mandzukic who exploited the mistake of England's defender to score the last goal of the game.

2-1 was how it ended. Croatia made history while England had to settle for 3rd or 4th.

To be honest, I wasn't rooting for England, although I didn't enjoy Croatia playing a little rough. However, I could quite see how England start to slack a little after scoring their first goal in the 5th minute. Croatia is controlling most of the game. Sterling being substituted down wasn't a smart move too. His speed is the one big treat for Croatia, I see Vida struggling to keep pace with him.

Anyways, Croatia won the game and congratulations to them!!

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