Leaving town on National Day

9th August is Singapore's National Day.

But my family decided to go on a short trip over the holiday.

According to the news and the booking sites (When I book the hotel online, many were fully booked), it seems that many people are heading over to our neighbour country - Malaysia.

I'm not sure if they're all Singaporeans but it's hard not to make that link.

Why do Singaporeans choose to leave the country during National Day?

I'm not sure... Maybe the celebrations are too boring? Maybe they do not love their country enough? Maybe they do not have enough leaves to go on a trip? Maybe the life in town is too stress?

Who knows.

But our reason is simple. My sister work in the education sector and she doesn'y have leave because she doesn't need to work during school holidays and hence those were her "leaves".

If we want to go on a trip, we need to be competing with many others during the peak period and much more.

So why won't we be making good use of this long 4 -5 days holidays?

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