"You've a belly!"

I know I probably shouldn't be talking about this on here but ...

It's one of my nightmare when my family, especially my parents, keep reminding me almost on a daily basis that I'm getting fat and that I HAVE A BELLY!!

Let me tell you, it's Extreme nightmare!!

And the thing is that ... when I got on the weighing scale, I'm within my acceptable weight and I didn't gain much weight. I'm now about 45kg.

SO well, that means, its just my belly .. ok, fine, I am able to squeeze my belly the way the lady did in the picture above ... so that means I'm really having extra meat on my tummy!

So what should I do?

I've decided to try something I found online. It's a simple exercise whereby you position yourself in a push-up position and then move your knee towards your chest. Something like the picture below minus the pushing up of the upper body.

Next, I'll probably cut down on snacking. I'm not sure if these will work, but I'm willing to try it for a while. Let's see how.

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