Joule Cell Rechargeable Battery by Gosh!

I know most electronics now comes with rechargeable batteries. However, most remotes are still powered by batteries. Although these batteries aren't expensive, they can still add up.

As for me, I'm playing Fatal Frame on my Wii (I know its old, but I WANT TO finish the game) and my wiinote eats up AA battery like a hungry monster. (Say, about 2 every 2-4 days)

SO I started searching online for an "solution" and I finally found the Joule Cell by Gosh!  They cost SG$1.90 per box!!

Joule Cell

NiMH (nickel metal hydride)1.2V AA Size (Comes with AAA size too, but the AAA ones I got was slightly rusty and defective ... but I'm too lazy to go down and get it change)
Charging Current: 5V/1100mAh
Charging Time: 8.5 hrs
LED Indicator: Red for charging; Blue when done charging 

In the box, they included a USB charging cable with 2 micro USB outputs and of course 2 AA batteries. (This cost SG$1.90!)

 In the picture above, I compared it to the usual AA battery. It look almost e…

Double 11 Shopping Spree!!

I'm an online shopaholic, I think I've admitted to that many times already... And so, I definitely won't miss the Double 11 Sales!!

 Yes, I bought a basketball... HOPING that I would start exercising .... (Apparently it doesn't work so well ... but I played it twice at least...) This basketball is very very cheap, just $6 (excluding shipment) and it comes with 2 pins, a net and an air pump! Well, its not of superb quality but passable for casual players like me ...

I also gotten a basketball bag to go carry the basketball in... This one cost about $5 too! And I like its quality, but hmm ... functionality wise it's just average. There is no compartment for putting belongings ... and the bag will slope to the side if you just use one of the water bottle "slot".

 This is my most favourite purchase!! A PU bag that is unfortunately a little on the smaller side BUT still very usable. The PU leather is soft and very comfortable to carry! It also look very stylish! It can be carried in 3 different ways - sling, short handle and shoulder...

It's a great buy for its cheap price!