Starting a YouTube channel is not easy

I started a YouTube channel about a month ago. I started it out for fun, but of course I do wish that people would discover and enjoy my videos. But then, hmm ... I think no one cares.I mean I've uploaded about 10 videos (mainly shorts and short horror animations) and most of them have less than 20 views…
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A comic. NC16. "Unknown" Chapter 06/06 [END]

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Finally, the end of it!What do you think about the story?What do you think the "creature" is?Anyway, I attempted to make this story into an "animation" ...Hope you enjoy it!
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I made my biggest investment of my life!

Recently, my PC went dead. It decided to retire itself after serving me for almost 3 years! We’ve got it 2nd hand and it was already 3-4 years old when we took over.

It ran good for a long while before it started slowing down a little, and then became annoyingly slow after we upgraded to Windows 10 from 7.

I d…
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