I got a Xiaomi Poco M3 and this is what I think of it

I wouldn't go into the specs of the phone, you can easily find it online, like Gsmarena.Anyway, I know nuts about phone (like their chipset and all the technical stuffs) so it's no point I write about them and pretend like I know what I'm saying...LOL But I do know what kind of user experience I …
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Benjie Nuo Bi Xing v3 Audio Player Review

Nuo Bi Xing v3 audio player
Battery:  500 mAh (About 4.5 hours of music on loud speaker, volume 25/31)
Functions:  FM Radio, music player, dictionary,  voice recording, e-book, video player,  image viewer, alarm, bluetooth
Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, DRM, OGG, APE,

Video and e-Book Formats: - Not …
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I almost got scam into giving my credit card details!!

It's really scary!Ok, let's me explain why I find it so scary.
I just recently ordered an item on Carousell. The seller sent the item out 2 days before I've received the above phishing email. I actually believed what was written on the email and I did click the link, typed 1/3 or my credit card nu…
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Rant: No accident is temporary

Image Source: EHS Daily Advisor
Today I am going to "talk" (rant) about accident... Wait, I think that is not specific enough... I'm actually going to talk more of the "make-do" attitude in safety measures.
There are many areas under construction in my neighbourhood. They're expandi…
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I've taken these Diet Enzyme tablets from Ishokudogen(iSDG) for 30 days!

Firstly, I must apologise as I'm not very discipline in taking these pills. I should be taking them diligently for 30 days but in actual fact, I missed quite a couple of days in between.
Also, I must say that this is personal experience and will not be a fair or accurate gauge because of many other factor…
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GrabFood Rant: Something interesting happened ...

What happened was, some time ago, during 3+ am, I received an order from a nearby restaurant to a few blocks away from my house.It's a short distance to walk but I was quoted a $5. Oh well, that happens as Grab will usually sometimes pay more for Wee hours deliveries. And it's almost 3:30 am when the…
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How is TPG coverage for NSL and NEL MRT lines?

Image Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/
I travelled with my mother to Sentosa during the weekend and while I was taking the MRT, I thought I can try out TPG's coverage in the underground.
Currently, TPG promised coverage in North-East line (NEL) and Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). They promised to ex…
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I signed up for the Simba (previously known as TPG) 50GB SIM only plan and here is what I think about the plan

Well, I was quite annoyed by Starhub unstableness. It's like I can have super laggy moments at home with my wifi right in front of me. Not to mention that I'm still on 3G and it can be dead slow - like taking a minute to refresh a webpage.At the worst, it affected my GrabFood deliveries - like I got …
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The woes of GrabFood walker months into Phrase 2 of Circuit Breaker

I've to make it clear that whatever I write in this posts are personal experience and judgement. They're not official and could be wrong.

So here goes ... 
1. Higher competition, decreased in orders

I think it's no secret that an astonishing number of riders joins GrabFood during the Circuit breaker…
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I took the voluntary swab test for front line workers...

Well, this will just be a quick update. The government have provided free swab tests for front line workers, including food delivery partners. They plant carry them out nation wide and will move to different region or GRC/SMC over the pass few months.This time round. it was located quite near to where I stay…
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I tried to get into the Treasure Zone today ...

I was our delivering food today when I was notified of a Treasure Zone starting in a location which I thought was pretty near.I was given 9 minutes to get into the zone. So I decided that I should try, as I was feeling pretty fit and the weather is quite ok.I only have my legs with me as a "mode of tran…
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I'll be taking these Diet Enzyme tablets from Ishokudogen(iSDG) for 30 days!

Source: takaski.com
I've always have digestion problems. The longest I didn't go to the toilet (to poop) is 14 or 15 days! That is how bad it is. Being indigested is never fun, it's a lot of discomfort (bloating, fullness) and sometimes it comes with pain that made you just want to lay still. I…
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Grab, can you stopped being so suspicious of everyone?

I don't know how many people are gaming the system, I don't know how tsek ark (black heart) Grab wants to be... but please lah, just because someone waited 33 minutes at a restaurant doesn't mean they are purposely delaying time just to game the system to get the long waiting time compensation!I…
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Dragon Touch Vision 4 4K Action Camera

I recently bought a Dragon Touch Vision 4 action camera from Shopee SG for SG$65. This action camera cost only about  1/8 of the price of a GoPro HERO 8 but doesn't its perform only at 1/8 the quality too? Let's find out.

Dragon Touch Vision 4Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS, EIS 4K 30FPS (3200…
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