Samsung A14 LTE review

My iPhone have officially retired from service due to a very very very bloated battery. I see no point in spending money to replace the battery although it's still pretty functional. It does lags here and there but still able to meet the basic usage.When my friend saw my phone's battery condition (wi…
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[Rant] Do what you can not what you feel is right!

This is a fucking rant, the door is there if you don't like rants!Yeay, I cursed because that genuinely takes some steam off. Whether you believe it or not.I am not a positive person and I am also someone who is easily swayed by others. And that's why I am pretty wary of strangers. But am I wary of m…
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My experience with free online counselling

Stupid me, accidentally deleted this post and now I must rewrite it... Honestly, I kinda feel it could be a good thing because I feel I can explain myself better now.
Note: This is my personal experience and opinion, and obviously not professional advise!
Firstly, I got into counselling because of:
1) I feel I …
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I bought Compatible refillable Ink cartridges for my Canon printer and ... I regretted!

Not surprising that the ink cartridges are the most expensive part of getting a printer. I mean a printer cost around $70+ - way over $1K, depending on what you're getting. And the perishable ink cartridges (XL size) can cost up to $50 for one. You need at least 2 to print.
I have been using a Canon PIXMA…
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Majority of the jobs advertisements on Facebook are Job Scams!!

I have been on Facebook recently and realised that there have been a lot of WFH jobs advertisements!I decided to apply for one of them. It's advertised as "Simple packing job".I Whatsapp the number provided and quickly got a respond. Turned out that it's just another job scam like the one I…
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What worsen appearance anxiety?

I am still struggling with appearance anxiety, can't deny, can't lie. I can't do much about it, other than doing something that makes me feel I am doing something ... Lol, sound contradicting?Basically, doing something will makes you less hopeless - at least you feel that something could be done …
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JBL GO 3 Bluetooth Speaker Biased Review

I actually didn't want to write a review on this speaker since I have little knowledge about speakers BUT I just feel so disappointed with it's performance that I kinda want to rant about it.
So disclaimer: This is personal opinion and is biased and not professional!
It all started with my mother wanti…
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Let's talk about appearance anxiety!

I have appearance anxiety, not gonna lie. It started when I was in primary school when my teacher suddenly mentioned that she don't understand why I am sitting at the back of the class. Because, my eyes are so small, she couldn't tell if they're open or not! So she thought that I am always sleepi…
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Things you need to know before porting over/Singing up to Simba

Note: All the information shared in this post is to the best of my knowledge and experience. If you wish to know more, it's best to contact Simba.
I have been a Simba user from the time they're known as TPG. I must admit that TPG is quite bad initially, with very limited coverage and no connection in …
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Topping up ONEXOX account is soo confusing

My ONEXOX welcome deal have expired (long ago) and now that my family is going into Malacca again, I have to top-up the card and subscribe to another plan.I opened up my XOX Black app. Honestly, it's super confusing.You see, there are 2 wallets in your account balance - Dedicated Account (DA) and Main Ac…
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