What will you do in this case?

This is a semi-rant plus ... I don't know why I am even sharing this.Disclaimer: I am not 100% sure, but at least 80% sure.
What happened was, I went to a Community Center with a food court inside. There, I bought some mini munchi. I was told the waiting time is 15-20minutes. I give the guy a $10 note. He…
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Which temp/casual job platform is better?

I have my fair share of using Apps (platforms) for temp/one day jobs like Jobs on Demand (JOD) and EL Connect.And I can't help but compare them. And like always, these are personal experience and I could be biased. I also want to make it very clear that I haven't gotten any jobs from EL Connect so I …
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I got scammed.

Yes, I got scammed.I thought I will never get scammed. Because I have been "swimming around" with these kinda "Job scams" for quite a few times. Really kia dio ho, mai gey kiang!The difference is that, I never pay for anything in the previous encounters.
"Upgraded" ScamAnyways, t…
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BSP-D3 Telescopic Bluetooth Controller

My iPega 9167 controller broke down recently. They right side (A,B,X,Y) totally didn't work. I tear it down and tried to see if the ribbon cable connecting both sides have loosen. But it seems to be tightly in place. And after teardown the controller, it looks like shit because the screws are hidden unde…
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Samsung A14 LTE After 3 months

Ok, I know I just have the phone for slightly more than 2 months, but let's just round up, ok?
Anyways, this will just be a quick update on how I feel about the phone. To give you some context, I have been using the phone daily for communication, social media and middle-heavy gaming. I got into Clash of C…
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Seems like GrabFood is getting much worst!

I have recently turned on my Grab driver app during the New Year period because I was told that the incentives are good.
I must say, the incentives (additional $2 or $3 per order completed) are really good. However, I also realised that the base fare for the orders are TERRIBLE!
Although Grab said that they ha…
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Scam can be on legit job websites too!

I was mass applying for PT jobs on jobs app and sites like Talent.com and Fastjobs when I got contacted by a scammer.He said he received my job application and asked if it's ok to brief me a little about the job. I must say, I thought he is a real deal because he typed in pretty good English (unlike thos…
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Samsung A14 LTE review

My iPhone have officially retired from service due to a very very very bloated battery. I see no point in spending money to replace the battery although it's still pretty functional. It does lags here and there but still able to meet the basic usage.When my friend saw my phone's battery condition (wi…
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[Rant] Do what you can, not what you feel is right!

This is a fucking rant, the door is there if you don't like rants!Yeay, I cursed because that genuinely takes some steam off. Whether you believe it or not.I am not a positive person and I am also someone who is easily swayed by others. And that's why I am pretty wary of strangers. But am I wary of m…
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