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I've been away for quite sometime. Now, I'm back, feeling tired and whipped.


I've been active on a writing site. It's a pay-to-write/read kind of site that pays points to the users. The points are then converted into cash. Minimum payout is $10 for some processors.

I won't mentioned…
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Random "Artwork" - Value

Well, I did this piece of work by blending a few images together. It's not very well done, I was just experimenting and trying to do something to express...

Whether you get the meaning of this piece is not important. I'm just trying to let something out. The images I use were mostly not my own too.

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How does the Lay's Kimchi, Wasabi and Cherry Blossom flavour chips taste like?

I've finally opened a packet of the Lay's chips to try, and it happened to be the Kimchi flavour one.

Although the packet seems quite big (70g), the content fill less than half the packet. It is very little actually. (I guess you can tell from the photo)

This is before I eat any of the chips! I swear…
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More exotic Lay's chips flavours!!

I guessed I've mentioned in my earlier posts that I wish to try as many flavours of Lay's potato chips as possible!

I recently came across several new flavours while shopping online. So I ordered them when there was a promotion!

Wasabi Flavour

Hmm... this is not new. I've seen many other brands s…
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Halloween Special - A Halloween Comic

Do you think that you're always alone?

Do you feel lonely?

Well, maybe you're not ... ...

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A trip with an annoying, Childish person!

A childish person would usually be too immature to think for others. They would think that they deserve what they wanted and would sulk when things don't go their way. Some would even bring it further as to "punish" the person who make them unhappy.

I'm going to share a story about my brie…
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Hole in the Ground, A comic strip.

How would you react to that hole in the ground?

Are you one of those villagers? Or are you the old man?

Do you focused too much on a small hole in the ground?
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Revisiting Old Works = Nightmare?

"Revisiting old works would only bring nightmare!" That is what many artists/designers/creators says.

This is usually true... but with a few exceptions. At least in my case, there are some exceptions.

I've been clearing and organising some old storage hard disks and I came across a few folder.…
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Learning to appreciate losing.

Losing is never a good feeling. I've always hated it. I want to win and then be praised. In fact, I need to feel I'm good enough at something because I can't stand the fact that I'm a talent-less idiot! But that, of course will be another story.

However, I realised that we couldn't be go…
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Why do people cursed and swear but still continue to watch a serie?

Source: Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes
I've just finish watching a drama that is very very bad (Well, fast forwarding through a whole chunk of it).

How bad was it? You may ask. It very bad like weak plot, boring characters and predictable plots. I was pretty annoyed when I finished the finale episode, still…
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What is a perfect life to you?

After watching a particular episode of Qi Pa Shuo, I created a poll on Virily asking if there is a button, once pressed, your newborn child would have a customised perfect life. Would you press it?

I'm pretty surprised that most people choose not to press the button, except for a few who had either lost…
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Why you should watch [You can, You Bibi] - China’s most popular online talk show

You can, You Bibi or 奇葩说 (Qi Pa Shuo which translate to "Weirdo's talking") is an online debate/talk show whereby a diverse group of interesting contestant debate over some social and cultural issues. The show has entered the 4th season and will have a 5th one soon. 

The show sometimes use &quo…
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Let's take a quiz about guessing where the ball is...

I'm a proud member of and have cashed out from there twice already. I enjoy interacting with the kind and helpful writers there and also making fun quizzes.
Here is one of them which I created whereby you've to guess where is the ball in the screen captures/photos. 
You can take it here &…
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I wish to do it my way...

I once thought of starting a blog so I can monetize it, but I realised that this is just a dream...

I guess most of us did go through this phase whereby we started a blog and then posted quite diligently on a topic we thought we loved.

I started out as a review blog for budget electronics but I soon realise…
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If only he is ugly looking!

I've met up with a friend who is being harassed at her workplace, by a "all-girls-goes-gaga-over-him-guy", who had previous bad record of doing so. It did caused her some confusion, trouble and unhappiness. But at the same time, she is flattered and repeated express "Why me? Everyone is s…
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 (Picture: Getty)
I can't believe Germany lost the match!!! They're out of the World Cup!!! NOOO!!

But even though as a supporter of Germany, I think their performance was BAD. They're sloppy and doesn't show too much team-work... Especially in their last match against South Korea.

The decisi…
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Frustrated with blogger's paging system!

I've been trying to place Helplogger numbered paging system on my blog and I'm extremely frustrated by the limitation, probably put down by blogger's internal script/settings.

I've set the number of posts to show per-page to 8 in the Settings >> Posts, Comments and sharing  but still o…
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Animated Gifs

I just made these of out fun so that I could use them on Whatsapp... What do you think about them?
Eating gif is a must!!

 Just a side not, I don't laugh like this... 
  Something I never do...
  Jing Sweet Ah meanings so beautiful!!

NB is bad words/vulgarity so I won't translate...
What we feel da…
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