GrabFood Rant: I calculated the hourly rate of a GrabFood Walker and ...

I finally found the time to really collate and calculate (roughly) how much I work and how much I earned.

So I can, really divide out how much was earned per hour. But you know these are just estimation and varies daily. But I can quite confidently say that the daily earnings on Weekdays won't fluctuate very much, unless the weather is bad.

Anyway, while I'm able to give you these information, I do think that you guys might not want to hear... LOL. Don't say I never give you warning, it can get quite demoralising.

Note: I can only provide statistics for Walkers, so it may be different for others (Bicycle, Motorcycle and PMD...etc)

I would also like to add that some of these trips were done with the help of a bicycle, so if you're purely on foot, you might do lesser jobs than this (due to time taken to collect and send the food!)

Daily earning

*Note: Time shown are the time when job was accepted, not when it was done!

On a particular weekday, I earned a total of $32.11, completing 7 jobs. Well, that doesn't sound too bad, right?

But what if I tell you that I started working at 4:26pm in the evening and only got home few minutes shy of 10pm, with only an hour of break in between?

That is 4.5 hours for 6 jobs (there is one job which was done in the wee hours, so that doesn't count), making ($32.11-4.70 = $27.41).

Hourly Earning Without Quest Incentives

So if you're curious about the hourly payment, it's $27.41/4.5 = $6.10 (rounded up)/hr. That is less than what you get working at McDonald's.

But let's be fair and factor in the Quest Incentive, shall we?

Hourly Earning With Quest Incentives

The Weekday Quest incentive is at $15 for 15 trips and $30 for 25 trips. Let's assume we'll hit the 15 trips and so, we'll have a $15 bonus.

$15/5days = $3 bonus per day.

So if we add that in it'll be $30.41. And the the hourly rate will be $30.41/4.5 = $6.76. Close but still lesser than McDonald's hourly rate.

Well, let's see another day, still a weekday, I earned $33.83 from 7 jobs.

I ended work at 8:21pm. I remembered it clearly because I've wanted to rush home to watch the 8pm show when I got an order which sent me over 2.1km! My Acceptance Rate (AR) was low, so I HAVE TO take it!

This day is a little different, I started at 12:46pm and did 2 jobs till about 2:30pm, after which I just sat at a hawker, waiting for more jobs. There was none, so I headed home and rested for about 1 hour.

Hourly Earning Without Quest Incentives

So I worked for 6 hours (7hours - 1hours of break) and made $33.83 from 7 jobs. So that is $5.65 (rounded up)/hr. Still, we're making less than McDonald's hourly pay of $7!

Hourly Earning With Quest Incentives

$33.83 + $3 = $36.83. $36.83/6 = $6.14/hr! -_-

Ok, the final one.

 Although this is a Monday, it's actually considered Weekend due to it being a public holiday!

Made $28.71 from 6 jobs. I could have done more but I fell and got hurt. It's not serious but since my sister asked me to pack dinner back, I headed home and treated my wound.

I started at 11:41am and then worked all the way till 3:40pm, a total of 4 hours. The hourly earning will be $28.71/4 = $7.18. Finally, we've something about or slightly more than McDonald's hourly rate!

Well, I told you that you'd be demoralised when you find out the hourly rate of a GrabFood walker. It's just about $6/hr, possibly lesser on some days! The only time you perhaps could make more or close to McDonald's hourly rate is during weekends and public holidays.


  1. Omg.
    I just signed up for Grabfood Walker and I hope I'm not regretting it.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for dropping by! :)
      You never know till you try! I think GrabFood is kind of trial and error (some areas have more orders, some timing have more orders...etc. And they varies between zones). But I've notice an increase in number of jobs (due to pandemic).

      Anyway, just go out there and try it out for yourself! Good luck and bring enough water, powerbank and raincoat!!


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