What worsen appearance anxiety?

I am still struggling with appearance anxiety, can't deny, can't lie. I can't do much about it, other than doing something that makes me feel I am doing something ... Lol, sound contradicting?Basically, doing something will makes you less hopeless - at least you feel that something could be done …
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JBL GO 3 Bluetooth Speaker Biased Review

I actually didn't want to write a review on this speaker since I have little knowledge about speakers BUT I just feel so disappointed with it's performance that I kinda want to rant about it.
So disclaimer: This is personal opinion and is biased and not professional!
It all started with my mother wanti…
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Let's talk about appearance anxiety!

I have appearance anxiety, not gonna lie. It started when I was in primary school when my teacher suddenly mentioned that she don't understand why I am sitting at the back of the class. Because, my eyes are so small, she couldn't tell if they're open or not! So she thought that I am always sleepi…
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