What worsen appearance anxiety?


I am still struggling with appearance anxiety, can't deny, can't lie. I can't do much about it, other than doing something that makes me feel I am doing something ... Lol, sound contradicting?

Basically, doing something will makes you less hopeless - at least you feel that something could be done and there is hope!

Anyways, I have been doing some simple massage on my face and applying facial mask. These are little things I can do without burning a hole in my pocket.

But today, I am not going to talk about the massages or facial masks but what escalate or worsen your anxiety!

Checking yourself out too often

From my personal experience, the fastest and most "easily happen" way is - always checking your appearance - whether in the mirror or in photos.

The funny part about all these physical anxieties is that, you feel you're ugly BUT you just want to kept checking on how ugly you are! It's just weird ... but it will just happen. So the thing is, try to reframe from checking yourself out so often!


The other thing has to do with social media + comparison. For example, when you hear about someone praising an idol/someone else for something - like small face, high nose or nice jaw lines, you'll want to check if you have those too!

And then you get into "depressive mode" because you don't have those qualities/features.

But you have to know that, those qualities (or perfect features) may not suits your face! You can go on YouTube or make-up blogs to find out what styles suits you and will bring the best out of you!

Deeper Inferiority

This is somewhat I discovered after digging a little deeper inside, so it may not apply to you. I am so concerned about my looks now is because of my unfulfilled dream and a deep sense of regret.

I often wishes that I would be braver and prettier in my next life. I kinda want to give up on my current life already. No, no, it's not that I want to end it all but I feel it's too late for me to make changes to fulfil my dreams now, so I just let things auto-pilot.

I can be honest here - I have wanted to be a celebrity when I was a kid. (Don't laugh!!) And I told myself that if I grew up to be pretty, I will become a celebrity but things didn't turn out the way I wanted. Doesn't help when I have extremely low self confidence, shy and that I was losing hair at 19!

I was balding at 19!?! Can you imagine that!? Anyways, I am still balding now, it didn't improved at all! I have tried some expensive products, they do help a little but they will probably drain my bank faster than my hair!

Everytime I watch the TV and see all these youngsters with the courage, determination and talent to be on TV, I stabbed myself in the heart secretly out of regrets and hoped that I find that "Reset" or "recarnate" button. Even though deep down, I feel I will drown in the harsh conditions of the entertainment circle (toxic anti-fans and competitions) 

See, I am such a contradicting person, I ... LOL.
Amyways, I can just try to deal with my problems one at a time ... And I don't even know why I am writing this post - I have obviously deviated from the topic ... 

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