JBL GO 3 Bluetooth Speaker Biased Review


I actually didn't want to write a review on this speaker since I have little knowledge about speakers BUT I just feel so disappointed with it's performance that I kinda want to rant about it.

So disclaimer: This is personal opinion and is biased and not professional!

It all started with my mother wanting to look for an easy to carry speaker which she could use during her practice. She is part of a dancing interest group which will occasionally gets invited to perform for small local celebrations. 

Often, they'll have to practice on their own because if they want to practice as a large group, they'll need to get approval or book some places for a small fee. If they keep it small, they can just practice in the void deck or any empty spaces they can find as long as they don't affect others.

Anyways, I got her a JBL Go 3 after reading some reviews online + a simple chat with the seller.

Ok, fine, I admit that my research wasn't thorough enough as I was rushing to get one during the sales. Because if I did research slightly more, I'd come across a review that gave this speaker only 6ish/10.

Well, honestly, even thought I am disappointed with the GO 3, it still have its pros. The GO 3 has a very attractive physical appearance and I absolutely love the colour options. It's also very small and light (just about 0.209kg). It can fit into most bags unless you're talking about those branded bags that can hardly fit an iPhone. Honestly, what's the purpose of those bags??

But do take note that it's lightweight is also it's weakness because it moves around when the bass gets boomy. So if you place it at close enough to the edge of the table, it won't hesitate to commit suicide!

Another thing I feel OK-ish about the GO 3 is that the bass is obviously amplified and clarified when compare to just using the iPhone speakers. (I am comparing to the iPhone 13 pro max). The higher notes are clearer and somehow forward enough for me in most cases. 

However, I feel it can get a little too bassy at times. I have watched a short video clip of a performance with the speaker and I feel the conversations are very clear, but if there are anything in the lower register, with low drums/beats, things gets muffled and drown by the drums.  

The buttons on the speaker are also well placed and you can easily pause the music with a press of button. The same goes with volume up and down. Connection is as easy as ABC too.

The problem I have with the GO 3 is it's volume. I think it's not that much louder than the default iPhone speakers. I don't think it will be loud enough for a small group of 3-4 in an open area. If it's an enclosed area, probably yes. 

However, I must admit that there is zero distortion even at full volume. 

I did not bother to do a waterproof test but it can survive toppling on top of a puddle of water left by a cup of McDonald's coke.

Overall, I kinda regret getting the JBL GO 3 speaker. It's not a bad speaker, but it definitely doesn't suit my need of a loud Bluetooth speaker.


  1. How flipping loud is your iPhone? The one I have is loud enough that I can hear music clearly from across the house with a closed door

    1. You mean the iPhone? It's loud but obviously not as loud as the GBL Go. But the JBL Go is definitely not loud enough for what I bought it for.


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