BSP-D3 Telescopic Bluetooth Controller


My iPega 9167 controller broke down recently. They right side (A,B,X,Y) totally didn't work. I tear it down and tried to see if the ribbon cable connecting both sides have loosen. But it seems to be tightly in place. And after teardown the controller, it looks like shit because the screws are hidden under very sticky and thick stickers. 

Anyways, unless I want to get a new ribbon cable to try if it works, the controller is unusable. And it'll be ugly even if I managed to fix it. 

I decided that it will be easier to just get another controller. A cheap one that is not too shabby. I searched around and found the BSP-B3 controller to be the cheapest I can find.

It's almost half the price of the iPega 9167, @SG$17. (The iPega would have cost $34-36 on the same website). 

The D3 came in a simple box with a manual and a Type-C charging cable. 

The body is made of plastic and feels light and a little cheap. Honestly, when I first picked it up, it feels like a toy.

At the first glance, you should be able to notice that there is no Dpad. And that if the controller is not turned on, the buttons indicated aren't very visible. There is also indicator of the mode used (Android/IOS MFI/PC C-input/Switch ...etc), I think that is a good touch.

However, the buttons are kinda clicky and a little small. They aren't as good to press when compared to the iPega. They tend to give less "feedback" (the springy feel of the buttons after you release the buttons) and are sometimes noisier. (Especially the "Start" and "Select" buttons)

The shoulders button are soft and I don't really like the almost non-existing feedback. 

The controller comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and 500mAh battery, which can easily last more than 8 hours of gaming. 

It can stretched to a maximum of 173mm, which should fit most smartphones. However, if you have a thick case, you might have some problem trying to fit it in. My Samsung A14 with a slightly thick case, could barely fit in. 

The cut out to accommodate the protruding cameras at the back of the phone is a very nice touch.  

I have gamed for awhile on the controller and I can say that it's pretty decent. There is not much latency and I could play fighting games like Teken without much problem. The only thing is that, I feel certain games works better with a Dpad. Or maybe I am just so used to using a Dpad that I just can't get used to this layout of direction buttons.

I ended up using the thumb sticks more that the direction buttons. The thumb sticks are OK-ish, definitely less deadzone than the iPega, even after expanding the thumb stick plate.

Overall, I feel the D3 is a decent budget telescopic controller. If you have slightly more budget or wants a Dpad, I suggest looking at the D6 or D7.

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