Used Simba (previously known as TPG) 50GB SIM only plan for GrabFood, is it good?

I know I've written about TPG 50GB SIM only plan before (read it here), and I mentioned that I didn't really enjoy its unstable connectivity. But this time round, due to some unforeseen event, I signed up for their 50GB plan again.  

Well, it's 100GB for $10/month for the FIRST month only and subs…
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Why I hate GrabFood Stacked and Group Orders

Well, it's December again and Grab have their annual Christmas Mumbo Jumbo again - well, it's a good thing because there'll be extra benefits for the delivery riders/drivers.Well, they're their usual Team Mission but this year round, you have to opt-in. Which means, you can choose not to part…
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Extra Long Delivery Times for Taobao Items!! Plus "new" consolidation rules!

Well, I just have to say that my Double 11 Taobao shopping haul haven't arrived yet.
LOL, I've chosen Sea Freight and expected that it would take at least 3 weeks but it's like a month now and according to the tracking information, it has just arrived in the Singapore port at 15:00 on 10 December.

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A shorted USB input can cause more problem ...

Image Source: PCmag
I had a bad scare just a few days ago!
I was installing my unsuccessfully returned Transcend SSD into my PC when something horrifying happened! 
My PC went dead! It won't turn on at all! And worst, it was leaking electricity! I just kept getting small jolts of shocks when I touched any US…
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Shopee Returning Policy: 15 days return is not guarentee return (refund)!

Firstly, I want to make it clear that this unhappy experience was partially my fault. I didn't try to understand the return policies well enough hence I've to suffer the consequences.
I've previously reviewed Dragon Touch 4K action camera and I actually returned it via Shopee Mall 15 days return. …
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Oh Wow! Maybe Japan should mix and match their doubles players around more!!

Image source: BWF Fansite Just watched 2 sensational Uber Cup semifinals badminton matches yesterday and I'm still feeling the excitement now!!It's played between Japan (JPN) and Korea (KOR), and both are Women's Doubles (WD) matches! I didn't know how women's doubles matches can get so ex…
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Touch Mark: A cheaper alternative to Copic marker

I've taken an interest in art markers recently. I've owned Copic markers but didn't really use them - to be honest, I didn't have the confident to use them. I still am, but I still went and got myself some art markers.Obviously, I'm not going to get Copic again. It's not that they'…
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Baby Mynah flew away ...

Yeah, we're prepared for this day. We knew he would leave us one day, when he is ready. What we didn't expect is that it'll be this fast and in the most unfortunate way.He didn't leave because he wanted to, but because he was startled. Baby mynah have always been timid and recently, we've…
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Taobao Vs Shopee: When to use which?

Well, before we get into the topic, let's a few things clear.1) I'm a regular online shopper (who might just happen to shop a little more than usual shoppers LOL), so these information are largely personal opinions and experiences.2) These are NOT official information and should be use as reference o…
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DIY cake pan, cake box and paper bags!

Just recently, my sister got into no-bake cheesecake and a few of her friends requested to try her cake. (I'll say they're really bold because my sis is just a beginner with almost zero experiences!)
And like expected, there was chores! First, our freezer is so stuffed it couldn't fit the 10"…
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