Why I hate GrabFood Stacked and Group Orders


Well, it's December again and Grab have their annual Christmas Mumbo Jumbo again - well, it's a good thing because there'll be extra benefits for the delivery riders/drivers.

Well, they're their usual Team Mission but this year round, you have to opt-in. Which means, you can choose not to participate and face "team pressure". However, if you've a group of chiong-stars kakis (friends), you can form a group of 6 and chiong for the Team mission.

There are T&C though, like you can't have more than 2 Sapphire level members in your team and if you suay suay (unlucky) have inactive members in your team, also too bad, you cannot change team.

Oh I forgot to mention that if you cannot find kakis to form a team, you can fill up a form and Grab will form a team for you. Erm, I've no kakis so I went for the 2nd option, thinking I probably will end up not having a team, but erm... don't know is heng or suay, I got into a team. Grab opened a Telegram chat for us but ... no one is speaking inside.

I got a feeling they all think like me, just try their luck. LOL

Anyway, I think I got off topic. And I haven't even mention the lucky draws and some other Christmas bonanza which all riders/drivers have a chance to win prizes and gifts, just by doing at least 1 trip between 20th December to 2nd January.

Anyway, I really need to get back to topic. As I was in a team, I decided that I should at least try to contribute something, even if it's just a little.

So I tried to do more than usual, although to be honest, all of these walking have taken a toll on my joints. Sometimes, things that doesn't kill you, will just torture you for eternity. Plus, there's that damn thing called "age"... haiz...

As usual, Grab will have their "PowerUp Zones" and "Peak Hours" whereby you'll get more gems. I usually heck-care about them because, they NEVER apply to the area I deliver in. But this time round, I tried to fit my schedule around the peak hours, just to pick up a few more gems for the Team mission.

However, the peak hours are kinda short in the sense, they're about 3-4 hours during the brunch period, and 6 hours during the dinner period.

I tried to do as many during the brunch hours so I can enjoy dinner at home and then catch some TV time. However, Grab have other plans.

What they did? Stacked and grouped orders.

What happened was, on the first day of the Team Mission (20th), I've gotten a stacked order and I could only see the first order. (which is already quite far for someone on foot) I decided that I shouldn't waste my Acceptance rate (you should always try to keep it above 90%). I accepted it, only to realise that the 2nd of the stack order is WAY further than the first!

Worst is that the 1st order is already heavy (3 large meals with drinks) and I've to collect the 2nd order as well. 

No choice, cannot exhaust my cancellation rate on the first day, so I walked the distance which Google Map estimated to be 1.3km and will take 15-17 mins. But you know, it'll never be 17 mins with all that weight. So ended up reaching there in 30+mins and a little shy of 1 hour mark for the 2nd order.

Updated on 31 Dec 2021: A worst grouped order happened 2 days later, the 2 orders total up to 4.3km! Once again, one order that is already a little far for walker (1.8km) and another order that is over 2.5km! This time round, it took me 1.5 hours to get to the 2nd custom's house. Food is definitely cold already! 

I swear, I already tried my very best, so much so that I got cramp at the end of it. The route Grab had planned was just ... erm, how fast do you expect your walkers to walk? I mean, back in my school days, I did 12+ mins for my 2.4 leh... and that's running. Now I carry food and walk leh!  

So obviously, I didn't do too many jobs during the 4 hours brunch slot. Plus, stacked and grouped orders always pay lesser for similar distance, because Grab doesn't factor in the detour you've to take.

This happened for every single day ever since the start of this Christmas Bonanza, with the 2nd order out of the way from the 1st and I can only reached in around 45 minutes to 1 hour even after trying my best. I do feel a little bad for the customer but I still have to be a little selfish or I'll have to sacrifice my bonus. In order to receive the bonus, you can't have acceptance rate lower than 90% and cancellation rate have to be 10% or lower. That's basically just 3 missed jobs and 3 cancellations. 

I foresee myself getting slower as days pass due to accumulated fatigue. (I won't become a robot just because I deliver food) I'm considering to give up chasing the bonus or just doing that on alternative weeks. For my area, which is on the hill, riding bicycle kills muscles too fast!

Many people have asked "GrabFood can earn a living?" I think I've addressed that in some of my previous posts but I'll say it again ... Yes and No.

I can't say for other modes of delivery but as a walker, it'll be possible to earn 1K/month IF you're working for long hours (at least both the Peak hours) in Downtown area, 7 days a week and hitting at least the Tier 1 bonus targets for both weekends and weekdays. Basically, it'll be no different from a "full-time 8 hour job" and it's probably not very sustainable (depending on your fitness)

I tried that for 2 months, not in the Downtown area though. I worked around 8 hours every single day, hitting all the bonus targets but I didn't make it to 1K still.

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