Extra Long Delivery Times for Taobao Items!! Plus "new" consolidation rules!


Well, I just have to say that my Double 11 Taobao shopping haul haven't arrived yet.

LOL, I've chosen Sea Freight and expected that it would take at least 3 weeks but it's like a month now and according to the tracking information, it has just arrived in the Singapore port at 15:00 on 10 December.

And there is no further actions till today. And this is just one of the package.

Well, Taobao seems to have a new rule for consolidation shipments. While, I'm not such about Air Freight, for Sea Freight, you can only consolidate up to a maximum of 30 packages per shipment.

Which means if you've more than 30 packages, you'll have to separate them into 2 shipments, which also means 2 (base) shipment fees!

However, do not confuse "Packages" with "Items". So let's say you bought 32 erasers from a single seller and she packs them into 1 package, it's counted as 1 package. However, I'm not sure if the seller, for some weird reasons, decides to pack them into multiple packages, will they count as a single package or not.

But, most sellers will try to pack them as one package, unless it's impossible to.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I've over 30 packages, so naturally, I've 2 shipments.

One, which was consolidated around 15 November, was the one mentioned above, and still sitting at the Singapore port.

The other, was consolidated around 20 November, and guess what...

It haven't left China port. Yes, for around 3 weeks, it's sitting at the port, probably playing Nintendo Switch while collecting dust.

Well, I know waiting time will be extra long during the Year end "Doubles" sales (11.11 and 12.12), but I really didn't expect it to be this looong.

Erm, I've ordered something again from Taobao on 12.12 ... let's hope it'll arrive before Chinese New Year.

Anyways, just a heads up for those who wanted to buy from Taobao during this period, waiting time can be CRAZY loooong!!

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