I am in awe by what some supporters says!

The GST will be raised starting next year, 1st January 2023. I think there is no doubt about it. The doubt is only in how much it will affect our daily lives.
Honestly, I cannot say anything about that, I am not expert in this area, but I do know that prices will definitely goes up. And it's across everyt…
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Simba (TPG) Vs redONE vs ONEXOX data SIM for Malaysia trips!

I just took a trip to different parts of Malaysia (Genting, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh and Meleka). To make communication easier, I have gotten 2 data SIM cards - 1 from redONE and 1 from ONEXOX.I also have a Simba (TPG) SIM which comes with 1GB of free data roaming which I could use in Malaysia.I did a simple …
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redONE Amazing 18 plan!

I've signed up for redONE Amazing 18 plan for my trip to Malaysia. I find it really worth it that the data can be used in both Malaysia (MY) and Singapore (SG), so no need to buy extra SIM card/plan and data for usage in Malaysia.
Amazing Plans

The down side is, that the plan comes with much lesser data th…
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oneXOX Sim card: Choose your Welcome Deal wisely!!

While surfing through Shopee, I actually find the oneXOX prepaid SIM one of the cheapest (other than ICC, which I had very bad experience with) options for Malaysia SIM card! not to mention that the sellers are very responsive and very helpful if you ever face any problem when registering your card.
OneXOX pr…
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4G LTE Pocket Mifi Router

My family will be going to Malaysia soon and we decided that we would need some internet for GPS and entertainment. I have signed up for 2 data sim card (one from redOne and one from OneXOX, which I will be reviewing after I came back from my trip.) I thought that having a Mifi router would be a good idea, s…
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Random Miniature Project - Mini Chipsmore

I was kinda bored and decided to make something out of my almost-dried out air dry clay. I don't have much to work with as most of the colours have dried out. 
Printed Chipsmore packaging.
The cookies are made with air dry clay.

That's all for today!
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Is DIY always cheaper?

I've always love DIY, mainly because it gives me a sense of satisfaction and allow me to customise the size/designs. I don't always succeed but you'll always get something out from the process of making.However, a friend of mine asked me if I think it's worth it making DIY packaging instead o…
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Maybe you shouldn't buy a 2nd hand iPhone and wish it last ...

I must say I'm no expert on this topic, I just have been an iOS user for years now. I've also used Android for a year or so. So I kinda have experience with both side.
I am still using my iPhone 7 Plus from 4,5 years ago. Well, before you start raving about how lasting an iPhone is, I will tell you, I…
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Rant: A viscous cycle. Shopping is fast remedy but solve nothing!!

I actually don't see his as a 'rant' but more of a confession.Well, I realised that I'm getting into this viscous cycle that is draining me and making me going in and out of very negative/depressive emotions.I think I've mentioned plenty of times that I'm a "mild online shopaholi…
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I got contacted by a job scam scammer! And 'scammed' them of $11!

I have received a random PM on Telegram a few days back. The person identify herself as Ella. She asked me if I'm interested in a WFH simple job reviewing hotels.I could smell it's a scam already but decided to play along. I replied stating my interest and pretended to sound very eager. She quickly t…
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