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I've signed up for redONE Amazing 18 plan for my trip to Malaysia. I find it really worth it that the data can be used in both Malaysia (MY) and Singapore (SG), so no need to buy extra SIM card/plan and data for usage in Malaysia.

Amazing Plans

The down side is, that the plan comes with much lesser data than many other Telco for about the same price. If you don't need data in both SG and MY, they do have Local Plans where by you can enjoy Unlimited Talk Time, SMS and Data capped @5MBPS for $48/month.

For the Amazing 18 plan at $18/month, you get only 25GB of data (that can be used in both SG and MY), 500 minutes of talk time and 500 SMS. For new signups on November and December, you can get 50GB extra LOCAL data, meaning only can be use in Singapore.

redONE have a very interesting signing up process whereby you need to enquire and then wait for the sales person to contact you either via WhatsApp or call or email. There he/she will arrange to meet you to sign a digital agreement, pick a phone number and then pass you the SIM card.

There is a One Time SIM card fee of $10 so you'll be paying $10 + plan subscription for the first month. It can be done in cash (to the sales representative when he/she comes or PAYNOW)


They have a very rigid way of billing. The bill start from the 1st of every month till the end of the month. So if you signed up on the 15th, they will still bill you on the end of the month, say 30th, a prorated amount. Data will also be prorated - which means you only get 15/30 (1/2) of the data allowance of the month (25GB in my case), which will be 12.5GB only.

I was slightly unhappy because I wasn't informed before I signed up despite me telling the sales person repeatedly that I will only need data starting the 23rd. He also went on to activate my plan without my consent on the 15th. But he explained to me that since data is also prorated, it's better I have more data on hand than less, because topping up cost much more than earlier activation. Makes sense to me, since we do need to use GPS/Map applications. But it feels better if I am informed beforehand.

Local Usage

I tried redONE for a few hours at home, using with my Poco X3 pro and iPhone. I do need to set the APN and so is with the iPhone. You can find the guide here.

I also used it on the portable Mifi I've recently gotten for the trip. It worked fine but need to set the APN too. Reception is ok at home and in most part of Thomson Plaza which I visited on that day. Reception suck in the KouFu food court and I couldn't get YouTube to load at all and browsing website is a pain! I checked with my family and realised that reception is just weaker in the food court, with them having just 2-3 bars only.

My Simba (TPG) reception was also just 2 bars. 

Usage in Malaysia

For this trip, I have visited Genting Highlands, Cameron Highland, Ipoh and Meleka.

redONE tapped onto Celcom's network automatically. Reception is good for most part of the trips except for Genting and certain areas of Cameron Highland which connection can get spotty and slow. Very unfortunate for me, reception was very bad in my hotel room in First World Hotel, Tower 1.

I have to leave my room to have reception. Other than that, works ok in the Casinos and most other places of interest in the areas I visited. Works fine in most of Cameron Highlands except for Lavender Garden. Connection is fine in Ipoh and Meleka except that GPS will lag at the start, so you better start the GPS before you start driving or go really slow for the GPS to orientate! 

25GB is plentiful for communication (Whatsapp, sending of photos, sharing locations and even video!) For about 9 days of at least 20-30 minutes of Waze (GPS map), Whatsapp and web browsing daily, I used around 2-3GB!

Honestly, if you're not going to be playing online games or streaming/sharing lots of videos, 1-2GB will be enough for up to 5 or 6 days of usage! I survived for 5 days on my 1GB of free roaming data from my TPG plan. It could possibly last longer but I watched a few videos on YouTube and my data run out before I know it!

Honestly, I feel redONE plan is quite worth it for it's stable and speed is decent for your basic usage! You should have no problem watching YouTube in HD IF you've enough data left! Coverage is good also with just some minor areas being spotty and connection is being slow! But in most areas (especially town areas), you get fast and stable connections!

The only downside is, it have lesser data and I cannot get it to work with my Mifi!

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