Simba (TPG) Vs redONE vs ONEXOX data SIM for Malaysia trips!


I just took a trip to different parts of Malaysia (Genting, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh and Meleka). To make communication easier, I have gotten 2 data SIM cards - 1 from redONE and 1 from ONEXOX.

I also have a Simba (TPG) SIM which comes with 1GB of free data roaming which I could use in Malaysia.

I did a simple comparison between them and here is what I feel about the different data SIM plans.


All 3 of them actually tapped onto Celcom's network but for Simba, there is actually more options to choose from, including Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and a few others. However, only Celcom seems to be the most stable one, the rest either takes forever to connect or doesn't even connect!

Out of the 3, I actually find Simba the most stable one with slightly better coverage, at least in Genting. What happen was, reception was almost non existence in my hotel room but I managed to get enough reception with Simba plan to sent WhatsApp (with slight delay). I couldn't do that with the ONEXOX! Reception is spotty in the highlands.

In most other areas, they all have decent reception to stream YouTube videos and surf internet! Online gaming is also possible! I managed to play a round of Call of Duty via Hotspot from my mother's phone with the ONEXOX!


It's quite difficult to compare the prices as I've chosen the plans to fit my needs and there could possibly be cheaper plans or less wastage, like for example I picked the wrong Welcome Deal package for the ONEXOX which I ended up wasting about 12GB of data! But oh well... I will still include the plans I've gotten here for your reference!

I've gotten the redONE Amazing 18 plan which comes with 25GB of data that could be use in both Singapore (SG) and Malaysia (MY) for S$18/month. There is also the Amazing 8 plan which comes with 5GB of data for S$8/month.

ONEXOX cost me S$13 for 20GB which will expires in 30 days. They do have other Welcome Deals which allows you to store your data but it'll be more expensive! For S$20, you can get 10GB of data which will expires in 30 days and 10GB in your Season Pass which will only expires when your card expires! The card validity is 28 months!  

Simba (TPG) plan is S$10/month with 50GB of local data and 1GB free roaming. I have to say, I think this plan is the most affordable! Especially if you only need data for communication, like WhatsApp and some web browsing!

If you do need to use GPS or stream some videos, you're better off with more data like the Amazing8! 25GB is kinda overkill if you're just planning to travel for 1-2 weeks, unless you plan to game online a lot or stream videos in HD or higher!


There is no noticeable speed difference when there is connection. When reception is not good, it's the same across all 3 cards! Since all 3 connect better with Celcom.

I have did a quick test when I was in Meleka and the Upload speed is 50-60Mbps while Download speed is roughly 8-10Mbps for all 3 Telcos. 

Honestly, I would recommend Simba (TPG) if you do not need a lot of data! I feel it's affordable both for local data and roaming! The reception and coverage is pretty good too! 

redONE is a good choice if you do travel a lot to Malaysia as the data can be used on both side (SG and MY) so there is no need to change SIM card! 25GB should be plentiful unless you're gaming online or streaming videos a lot.

ONEXOX will be worth it if you choose your Welcome deal wisely! Because their add-ons and other "plans" are not as cheap or attractive as their Welcome Deals! 

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