Is there any way to make Enzyme Drinks without sugar? Like a diabetic friendly recipe?

Some one asked me this question when I posted about enzymes drink on a blogging site,

I thought it was a fantastic question! Because it was written in the book clearly that there is a way to make enzymes diabetics friendly.

And that is to use Oligo to replace sugar or for some recipe (like Cherr…
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Possible 'Side-effects' of Drinking Enzymes Drink!

I've made the enzyme drinks and according to the book, it's best to drink it daily (3 times a day would be best but once is fine too).

You can mixed it with any drink that is NOT hot, or less than 45 degree Celsius or you might "kill" the enzymes.

However, there will be some unpleasant eff…
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Apple Enzyme Drink Recipe

Well, I said I'll share My own experimental recipe and preparation if my first Enzyme drink making turns out well, so here we have it!

IngredientsGlass Bottle AppleSugar (brown or white or Rock sugar) (1.1 times the weight of the apples)
Note: brown sugar gives you a black liquid/solution. PreparationWas…
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 (Picture: Getty)
I can't believe Germany lost the match!!! They're out of the World Cup!!! NOOO!!

But even though as a supporter of Germany, I think their performance was BAD. They're sloppy and doesn't show too much team-work... Especially in their last match against South Korea.

The decisi…
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DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 11 (Final Day)

I've decided to cut short the process because I've discovered a mistake I've made (2 actually), which I'll be talking about later. However, after tasting the liquid, it was OK though too sweet.
The leftover apple
So I'm going to share my mistakes now. 
Mistakes:- I've said the ratio o…
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DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 4 - 10

There are some great changes starting the 5th day! There are bubbles as the sugar ferment and released gas.

It is recommended to swirl the bottle gently and open up to stir the mixture gently starting the 4th day. However, do not stir or swirl too hard till it bubbles too much.

The apples got all oxidised …
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Frustrated with blogger's paging system!

I've been trying to place Helplogger numbered paging system on my blog and I'm extremely frustrated by the limitation, probably put down by blogger's internal script/settings.

I've set the number of posts to show per-page to 8 in the Settings >> Posts, Comments and sharing  but still o…
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DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 3

Not much changes on Day 3, except for some small little "bubbling" occasionally. It still smells pretty good now.

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Messy Cable Solution!

Sick and tired of messy cables? Well, I might have the solution for you!

I've always been a messy person and my cables are all over the place. However, my mom hates messy cables. In order to stop her from excessive nagging, I decided to get some cables solution - some works, some not so much. I'll b…
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DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 2

On the second day, there are obviously more liquid and some of the apples seems to have "wrinkled up" a little. The sugar have also pretty much melted.

Problems: I've faced with Ant-problem! A few hours after I started the process.
The book said that you're not suppose to cover the lid tig…
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DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 1

I've long heard of enzymes being beneficial to the body and I've bought some to drink in the past. They work in helping improve my always jammed digestion but they are expensive. So I stopped drinking them. Recently, I came across a book at a 2nd-hand store about enzymes and how they're benefici…
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Orico BTA-403 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Review

I've recently updated my computer and I'm finally able to install Citra, a 3DS emulator! However, I realised that using the keyboard as controller is as fun as playing with a real game controller!!

I do have a Bluetooth controller - 8bitdo NES30 Pro, which I hardly use because it doesn't work so…
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Animated Gifs

I just made these of out fun so that I could use them on Whatsapp... What do you think about them?
Eating gif is a must!!

 Just a side not, I don't laugh like this... 
  Something I never do...
  Jing Sweet Ah meanings so beautiful!!

NB is bad words/vulgarity so I won't translate...
What we feel da…
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