Frustrated with blogger's paging system!

I've been trying to place Helplogger numbered paging system on my blog and I'm extremely frustrated by the limitation, probably put down by blogger's internal script/settings.

I've set the number of posts to show per-page to 8 in the Settings >> Posts, Comments and sharing  but still only 6 - 7 posts were being shown. So I've to set the number of posts per page to a dynamic number which is equals to the number of posts blogger decides to show on the homepage.

Well, any post shown less than 8 (show per page) will be "eaten" and will never appear, even if you go through the pages...

That is not the only problem! Another problem is that blogger will always decide what posts to show by date (or month rather) instead of by order. As you can see from the screenshot above, only 1 post was shown on page 2! (So I get some posts eaten, depending on how many posts were shown on the homepage)

Well, there was only 7 posts for the month of June (before this post) and 6 of them were shown on the homepage, so the only post left was the only post shown on the 2nd page! What!?

Shouldn't it be showing the next 6 posts instead?

I've worked days on this and I can't solve it anyway. Instead, I've faced more problems as I posted more posts...

I don't think the problem is with the script, I've seen others used it on their blogs and it worked pretty well. I just think that blogger has their own ways to decide how and number of posts they would show... which is just annoying!!

Anyway, I've decided to pull the numbered pagination out ...

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