DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 2

On the second day, there are obviously more liquid and some of the apples seems to have "wrinkled up" a little. The sugar have also pretty much melted.


Problems: I've faced with Ant-problem! A few hours after I started the process.

The book said that you're not suppose to cover the lid tightly. As gas will be release during fermentation, pressure might build up and cause the jar to explode.

However, the sugar and fruit attracts ants, so I've got ants all over the jar and even INSIDE the jar!
 I've to manually kill/remove them.

In the end, I placed a plate of water below the jar to avoid ants from getting to the jar! I've also added a layer of tissue/kitchen towel below the lid for better protection.
I've no more ant-problem now!

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