DIY Apple Enzymes Drink - Day 11 (Final Day)

I've decided to cut short the process because I've discovered a mistake I've made (2 actually), which I'll be talking about later. However, after tasting the liquid, it was OK though too sweet.

The leftover apple

So I'm going to share my mistakes now. 


  • - I've said the ratio of fruits to sugar is 1:1.1. So I lazily did 1 cup of apple to 1.1 cup of sugar, however it doesn't work this way! It's weigh ratio > 1kg/g:1.1kg/g! Lol. So I've lots of leftover unmelted sugar and the enzyme drink turned out too sweet and too thick. It's like syrup. So we need to dilute it A LOT just to drink it. It'll be good in dessert though.

  •  The ideal temperature to ferment fruit enzymes is 18 - 23 degree Celsius (which is the fridge), but I left it outside at about room temperature. So it kind of speeds the process. But oh well, it still works.


It smells slightly like beer plus a little bit of fermented sugar. It's fragrant. I can't really tell the taste because it's overpowered by sweetness but I can still taste a little "beer" in it. It'll be quite tasty if less sweet and a little more sour. I think I should get a kitchen scale. 

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