Messy Cable Solution!

Sick and tired of messy cables? Well, I might have the solution for you!

I've always been a messy person and my cables are all over the place. However, my mom hates messy cables. In order to stop her from excessive nagging, I decided to get some cables solution - some works, some not so much. I'll be sharing my experience with you...

Don't let my mom know I posted this photo, she'll kill me!

Baseus Pea Cable Clip

It came with 3 magnetic cable clipper and a magnetic "base". The base came with a self-adhesive tape, so you can stick it easily to any surfaces. The magnet are very strong so it won't come off by accidental tags.

My verdict:
Not too bad, design is vert attractive but doesn't work well with my charging hub. I used it in my room with my PC instead.

Cable Coiler/Winder/Twister

Got these from Taobao for a relatively cheap price. I've been using them for a while now. The design is pretty nice and looks good on the table.

My verdict:
To be honest, they aren't the best solution because they're pretty "bulky" themselves. But they do work well in coiling and reducing the mess, that is if you're not lazy to coil them manually.

Cable Coiler/Winder/Twister - Portable Version

These are good for bringing cables out with you. They coil the cable easily without you having to manually coil them. They comes in 2 sizes (small one for earphones and bigger ones for longer/thicker wires like charging cables) and many colours.


To coil the able around, you just have to "fold" the cable in half, hook it at the hook, pull and let go. It'll coil itself automatically.

My verdict:
Really useful for bring long cables out. However, some says it MIGHT hurt the cable due to the folding. I've used this for a while and the cable is still working well.

Storage Box

 This is my favourite "solution" to the problem. Because well, they hide what is not to be seen.

I can't say much about what is inside the box... lol. I'm not a neat person, I've admitted to that :p

My verdict:
I've to say the storage box reduced the messiness at my charging hub by A LOT!! It is one of the "better" and more accepted solution by my mom.


  1. Box will be my favourite option too
    The magnet clipper is pretty cool

    1. Yeah, it's the best way huh?
      Out of


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