Seems like GrabFood is getting much worst!


I have recently turned on my Grab driver app during the New Year period because I was told that the incentives are good.

I must say, the incentives (additional $2 or $3 per order completed) are really good. However, I also realised that the base fare for the orders are TERRIBLE!

Although Grab said that they have revamped their fare system to become fairer by taking into account the distance riders have to travel to pick up the order ... I feel they did that to cutdown the fare. I have started GrabFood as a walker in 2019, I have seen the fare for 1km delivery dropped from $4.40 (or $4.50) to $4.10 now. I have also seen incentives reduced from $20 for 15 orders to $15 and then now to $13. This is the rate for the weekend quest, weekdays quest is reduced even more.

Grab have covered it up very well by making the Quests into daily quest. The Quests (Weekday and Weekend) used to be a 5 days and 2 days quest however, Grab made it a daily quest now.

It used to be you just need to complete 25 orders during Monday to Friday to get your reward, You can do it in whatever way you want - doing 5 daily or rushing the last 2 days to complete all 25 orders, it's up to you. However, it's into a daily quest now. So you have to complete a fixed amount of orders daily to get the reward - it's 6 for somedays and 8 for others)

What I am most disappointed is by "revamping the fare system to become fairer", Grab still sending riders to ridiculously far pickups but then not paying them for that! I have received a few orders (which I cancelled) that asked me to pick up orders from a merchant more than 1.6km away but paying me only $4.10 because the customer location is only 1km away from the merchant. Honestly, I don't see them taking into account the distance I have to travel to pick up the order.

But I guess Grab is just looking to make profit now and if it continue this way, riders/deliver partners' benefits and earnings will continued to be sacrificed. It's no wonder delivery riders are working longer hours now.

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