Samsung A14 LTE After 3 months


Ok, I know I just have the phone for slightly more than 2 months, but let's just round up, ok?

Anyways, this will just be a quick update on how I feel about the phone. To give you some context, I have been using the phone daily for communication, social media and middle-heavy gaming. I got into Clash of Clans again and have 5 accounts in 2 separate clans. That's lots of wars and CNY event tasks to keep track of.

Honestly, the phone works ok for gaming but then I still got frustrated by the phone a lot. The connectivity is really not great. Like it's very slow to switch from Wifi to LTE and vice versa. 

There are a few occasions when I left home when I was watching a YouTube video halfway, when I got to the bus stop, the video couldn't resume playing at all. And I have to reload the video. There are a few times wherebu the YouTube app just freezes when the connection got lost. 

It could be due to the heat, because I have kept the phone in my pocket while walking down to the bus stop, but connectivity is at its worst when the phone starts to get hot.

As for battery wise, I have to charge the phone at least once a day. Battery drains really fast when you game or stream videos. I feel it drains faster than my Poco X3 Pro which is draining fast because I set Live wallpapers for both lock and home screen. I didn't have Live wallpapers on this Samsung phone.

The phone is very prone to short freezes and stutters, especially when opening apps or when waking up the phone from it's sleep.

My final verdict about the phone is just good for very basic usage. Definitely not suitable for GrabFood because the battery probably won't last. The problematic connectivity can make you frustrated when you're streaming videos.

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