Which temp/casual job platform is better?


I have my fair share of using Apps (platforms) for temp/one day jobs like Jobs on Demand (JOD) and EL Connect.

And I can't help but compare them. And like always, these are personal experience and I could be biased. 

I also want to make it very clear that I haven't gotten any jobs from EL Connect so I cannot tell you if they pay or the rumours about them "deducting money without good reason" is true.

Anyways, I am going to compare them over a few categories, so let's go!

Job varieties

I think JOD have much more varieties of jobs when compared to EL Connect. 

I did a quick search on both Apps just now and I saw that JOD have jobs ranging from waitress/service crews to cashiers to sales assistance and cleaners. They have a lot more "partners" (or clients as they call) (like Fairprice, McDonald's , IMH ...etc)

EL Connect seems to consist more of cleaning, banquets and parcel packing/sorting jobs. 

Loyalty Programs and Penalties

Both platforms have rules and regulations and also some sort of "loyalty system". 

For EL Connect, there are Lucky Draws, Monthly Incentives and Referral Fees.

EL Connect Monthly Incentives are as follows:

JOD doesn't seems to have Lucky Draws but does have Referral programs whereby both the referrer and the person who joined will get $10 each. JOD have a point system whereby you can earn points and exchange them for vouchers.

There is also a Member tier bonus - Gold members earn the most points per working hours than Silver or Bronze members. For example: Gold member earns 7 points for every hour worked while Bronze members only earn 2 points.

They also have ongoing campaigns/challenges for you to earn and extra incentives. For example they have a FHC challenge whereby if you completed 10 FHC required jobs within the specific periods, they will received a $200 incentives.

As for penalties, JOD doesn't seems to have any "fines" for last minute cancellation but one without a valid reason will of course affect your trustworthiness and if too often, result in suspension of your account!

For EL Connect, there is a "fine" of $30 for last minute cancellation for the first time and $80 there after.

There is no definition of "last minute" on their app, so I am not sure how last minute is last minute. 

Acceptance Rate and Cancellations

Well, for this part, I can be a little biased because I didn't get to work on EL Connect at all. You see they are very frustrating to work with.

1) I have applied for at least 6 jobs on their app. Out of which, I was selected for 3 of them. And then why did I not worked any of these jobs?

Cancellation and by "the Employer"!

And the cancellation can be quite last minute. Like the day before. The most frustrating thing is you won't get a notification on the app itself, you need to check in the app to see if the job still appears under the Scheduled job page OR check your email! Which mean if you're NOT checking your app or email constantly, you might end up with a wasted trip!

2) I have applied for one the job at least 8 days in advance, and still I got cancelled last minute. And note that I didn't have any bad records on their app because I simply haven't work with them yet. So I do not think it's of "bad conduct" or "low rating"!.

3) For the last job, the job was cancelled because Employer "change to Wednesday". I was speechless, it feels like to me that the employer doesn't know which days they need extra manpower.  

I didn't try again anymore because I feel it's quite a waste of time. 

For JOD, I didn't get selected for a lot of time (especially after I got rated 3 stars for a job I really didn't get enough training for). But when I did get selected, I never got cancelled at all. So I know that once I am selected, I can start preparing for the job because cancellation are very rare.

But do know that competition on JOD is higher in my opinion.


This will be very biased because it will be one sided. But I do want to say that JOD pays directly to your bank account after deducting the Insurance fee.

Everything is stated clearly on their job card - how much per hour, how much gross pay you'll get and how much insurance will be deducted. Then that amount will be credited fully to your bank account within 48 hours (usually)! I have always gotten my pay the next day so far.

For EL Connect, I think there is also some insurance fees but those are not stated on the job card itself. If memory serves me correctly, it was only stated in the page when you're awarded the job. Your pay is credited to your Wallets (in the APP) and  there is a minimum amount to cash-out which is $30 and a $0.50 fees.

These are the information I gathered from the site itself and my own experience. 

If you ask me which platform do I prefer, I think it's pretty obvious. I won't say EL Connect is a bad platform, I know they do pay their users (from the reviews I read) but many are also frustrated by their operations and lack of varieties in their jobs.

But if you ask me, I definitely trust JOD much more.

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