Scam can be on legit job websites too!


I was mass applying for PT jobs on jobs app and sites like and Fastjobs when I got contacted by a scammer.

He said he received my job application and asked if it's ok to brief me a little about the job. I must say, I thought he is a real deal because he typed in pretty good English (unlike those in mandarin or translated from mandarin)

So I actually agreed to it. He send me a long explanation about what they're doing - a company doing marketing and promoting their clients' mobile apps. (Which I think sounds so damn familiar)

Then it was the usual - signup for an account then do some clicking (So called "reviews") then "YAY, a bonus!" and then "Oh no, your credits is negative! Let's topup!"

After which, I was made to logout of his account and into my own account and the story repeats. Only this time round, he wanted me to topup on my own!

Of course I didn't want to! I decided to troll him into topping up for me but he was smart even to use "company policy" to reject. Soon, after a few exchanges, we kinda got into an "argument" because he was obviously frustrated that I wasn't going to topup. 

We ended it there but I managed to get a few details out from him. 

His name is Roy, his mobile number is in the photo above and the bank account and paynow account. Also the website is (it's made to look like snappymob, a legit Malaysian company)

Anyways, nowadays, the scammers even managed to get their ways into legit job hunting sites. We just have to be extra careful into giving our details and money! No legit jobs requires you to pay to earn money!

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