My experience with free online counselling

Stupid me, accidentally deleted this post and now I must rewrite it... Honestly, I kinda feel it could be a good thing because I feel I can explain myself better now.
Note: This is my personal experience and opinion, and obviously not professional advise!
Firstly, I got into counselling because of:
1) I feel I …
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I bought Compatible refillable Ink cartridges for my Canon printer and ... I regretted!

Not surprising that the ink cartridges are the most expensive part of getting a printer. I mean a printer cost around $70+ - way over $1K, depending on what you're getting. And the perishable ink cartridges (XL size) can cost up to $50 for one. You need at least 2 to print.
I have been using a Canon PIXMA…
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Majority of the jobs advertisements on Facebook are Job Scams!!

I have been on Facebook recently and realised that there have been a lot of WFH jobs advertisements!I decided to apply for one of them. It's advertised as "Simple packing job".I Whatsapp the number provided and quickly got a respond. Turned out that it's just another job scam like the one I…
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