Majority of the jobs advertisements on Facebook are Job Scams!!


I have been on Facebook recently and realised that there have been a lot of WFH jobs advertisements!

I decided to apply for one of them. It's advertised as "Simple packing job".

I Whatsapp the number provided and quickly got a respond. Turned out that it's just another job scam like the one I talked about in this post >>> I got contacted by a job scam scammer! And 'scammed' them of $11!

To test my theory, I decided to try out a few more other WFH jobs advertising on Facebook.

Basically, whether it's virtual assistant/sales assistant/shop assistant/packer or whatever from Goggle/Amazon/Shopback etc, they're all the same - you'll end up being asked to signup and do "marketing".

The rest is the same - you do reviews/submit orders (just some stupid boring clicking work) and get paid initially then you're asked to top-up to continue reviewing to get paid. 

Edited: They no longer pay you anymore until you deposit first! Meaning ... they will ask you to topup and complete the 60/30/20 (up to them) tasks before you can withdraw. But we all know, you can never get that deposit back because it will just continue to have "bundle orders/lucky jackpots" which make your balance negative! And then you have to topup again to continue. But hell are they so cheap to think someone will be so desperate to topup $200 for the $15 they have earned previously, which they aren't even sure if it can be withdrawn... 

I have noticed a "trend" while communicating with all these scammers, that they'll usually reply you in Mandarin even if you texted them in English. They'll respond in translate English if you request for them to communicate in English. 

Also most of their website have no authentication - you can enter 99999999 as your mobile number or and it still works.

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