Apple Enzyme Drink Recipe

Well, I said I'll share My own experimental recipe and preparation if my first Enzyme drink making turns out well, so here we have it!


  • Glass Bottle 
  • Apple
  • Sugar (brown or white or Rock sugar) (1.1 times the weight of the apples)
    Note: brown sugar gives you a black liquid/solution.


Wash the fruit thoroughly! 
Soak the apples with fruit wash for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse it and then soak in clear water for another 15 minutes. The book say to do this twice or thrice but I got lazy and did it once only but I make sure to rub/scrub the skin hard when I rinse it.

If you don't have fruit wash, just soak the apple for longer time, saying 20 minutes.

"Disinfect" the Glass Bottle
Disinfect the bottle with boiling water.

Leave everything to dry overnight. Water(especially non-distilled water) and oil would pollute the enzyme and destroy everything. Remember to cover the apples to prevent pests from crawling on it.

Then without washing the apple, cut them into small pieces (about bit size). With a knife that is being "disinfected" with boiling water.

Put everything in the glass bottle in layers.
Apple >> sugar >> Apple >> Sugar. Basically it's recommended to have the sugar as the top layer as the "shield" to prevent oxidation.

DO NOT cover the lid tightly, just leave it on or use a cloth/kitchen tower and tie it with rubber band.

Place bottle in fridge, wait for 14 days. You can open and stir or swirl the bottle gently starting the 4th day.

*Note: I waited for only 11 days, leaving the bottle in room temperature. But I believe I got lucky. 

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