Shopee Returning Policy: 15 days return is not guarentee return (refund)!


Firstly, I want to make it clear that this unhappy experience was partially my fault. I didn't try to understand the return policies well enough hence I've to suffer the consequences.

I've previously reviewed Dragon Touch 4K action camera and I actually returned it via Shopee Mall 15 days return. I stated that the camera is not working as expected (too shaky when use on my bicycle)

However, I was blocked by the seller after all sorts of testing and time wasting (MIA) by seller. I was pretty puzzled, it was an "official store" and I didn't expect them to just block me like that. I was thinking to get another Action camera from their store ... 

Anyways, this time round, I've gotten an SSD to try speed up video rendering and gaming experience on my PC. The SSD I was using back then was also 3/4 full, so I thought an upgrade would be needed.

I ordered from Transcend Official store, also comes with 15 days return. Delivery was fast, I got it within 4 days.

I did the SSD cloning and then got it booted up. However, I didn't notice any noticeable increase in speed, instead, there are some short stutters here and there - usually when you open a program or folder.

It's a very short ~1 seconds freeze, but it's annoying especially when you're trying to do video editing!

So  I decided to return it and get another one.

From my previous experience, I decided not to state a reason (Ok, I admit, I was lazy to go through all the video taking process to show the random stutters and I've already placed my Old SSD back into the PC), so I went with "Change of Mind". 

Another reason is, I do not wish to be blocked by Transcend Official Store. 

In the end, it proved to be a big, stupid mistake! I should write my experience honestly - the short stutters that affect my usage. (And also not be lazy and wait for the error to appear)

Because, according to Shopee return policy, not every seller agree on reasons like "change of mind"!

I didn't read the policy beforehand because I thought since it's electronics and I returned it in perfect condition, it would be like Taobao 7 days "no question" return policy or Amazon's return policy, (just that I might not get a full refund). 

However, the 15 days return policy is NOT "No question" return policy but subjected to seller's approval, even if it's not sensitive or perishable items.

So after waiting about a week for the approval, I got a rejection instead!

Well, I can't complain, it's my fault that I didn't find out more about the return policy beforehand and my laziness got me ... ... it's all karma ...

So well, here is a reminder:

1) DO NOT use the option "Change of Mind" unless you've an agreement with the seller. (And pls printscreen it, just in case!)

2) Shopee Mall 15 days return policy is not "No question" return! And definitely not like Amazon's return policy whereby you get refunded for reasons like “I did not like the product”! (By the way, too many returns can get your Amazon account banned!)

3) If you think something might be a problem, capture it first because you're not likely going to be testing back and forth if it's not at your convenience.

Anyways, since returning (mailed out the SSD for return), I've already gotten a 1TB Samsung QVO 870 SSD to replace my old SSD. It's running so far so good and video editing and rendering becomes really smooth!

But then, the Transcend SSD is now left to rot in my drawer ... maybe I'll use it as a secondary drive... but if it still stutters, it might just make my system slow too ...


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