I am in awe by what some supporters says!


The GST will be raised starting next year, 1st January 2023. I think there is no doubt about it. The doubt is only in how much it will affect our daily lives.

Honestly, I cannot say anything about that, I am not expert in this area, but I do know that prices will definitely goes up. And it's across everything.

So it came as a shocked when I heard someone claiming that "eat at hawker, because they don't charge GST, so you will not have to pay extra GST."

Is that so? I don't think the hawker's suppliers won't charge him any GST? Of course they'll, so either he absorb the extra cost OR it's transferred to the consumers - which is US.

So does eating at hawker means you're not affected by the GST raise? I'd say, NO, you're affected, in fact you could be paying more than just the 1% increased. And this is made worst with the raising cost of food... the 1% maybe more significant than you imagined.

But that's that, we can only accept it.

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