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Taobao Vs Shopee: When to use which?

Well, before we get into the topic, let's a few things clear.1) I'm a regular online shopper (who might just happen to shop a little more than usual shoppers LOL), so these information are largely personal opinions and experiences.2) These are NOT official information and should be use as reference o…
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First Experience buying from Lazada

I recently bought my first purchase on Lazada app on my iPhone, and I'm going to share my experience with you guys.
I bought a 6 port charging hub and a USB-C to USB 3.0 adaptor from Wavlink and a headphone amp. Lazada doesn't give me the option to combine shipment but since shipment for both are f…
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Things I see on online second hand platforms that put me off

I don't always need brand new items of the latest version, sometimes a second hand gadget would fulfill my needs.

So once in a while, I would shop for things on some secondhand platforms, such as Carousell.

If you haven't heard of Carousell, it is a smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer mark…
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Cheap and Reliable International Forwarder: Xiayi Biao Ju (Chivalrous) Delivery/forwarder

I've mentioned in my previous post that I've ordered some "very sensitive chips" from Taobao, hence they need to be shipped via sensitive (special) shipping, which cost a little more.

I've chosen to ship with Xiayi Biao Ju ( (Chinese: 侠义镖局集运中心). The company seems to bui…
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Lazada (Air) Shipping and Shipping Sensitive Items from Taobao!

I went online shopping again... Fine, you can scream at me for being a "online-shopaholic", but I do have a need for most of the things I bought this time.

Items I bought:

Normal Goods

1 x Remax 3 USB ports Wall Charger
1 x Remax Youth Edition Multiple Ports (5 Ports) USB Charging Hub
A bunch of s…
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Which is a better site to shop online? Taobao Vs Qoo100 Vs Aliexpress

Ok, I decided to do a comparison out of fun. And before getting started, please note that this is personal opinion and experience.

Taobao is my favourite out of the 3 shopping sites, because it has a huuuuuuge variety of selections and products and the price can be really really cheap. Delivery i…
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