Things I see on online second hand platforms that put me off

I don't always need brand new items of the latest version, sometimes a second hand gadget would fulfill my needs.

So once in a while, I would shop for things on some secondhand platforms, such as Carousell.

If you haven't heard of Carousell, it is a smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods.

Well, since it's a consumer to consumer marketplace, there are some really hilarious, silly and plain weird things and descriptions people put online to sell. Once such example is a guy putting himself up for sale. LOL.

While there are some funny encounters, there are more annoying things that I experience while shopping on such platforms.

Not being clear about the product

I was previously looking for a PSP. I typed in "PSP" in the search bar and hit enter. Most of the items listed were mainly "PSP -Used", "PSP", mostly without the model of the console. I clicked in a few of them, mostly doesn't include the model.

Maybe you think it's nothing wrong with that, but most PSP look alike but their size and functions differs slightly. I've an old PSP that went dead and it's the 2000 series, I've accessories for it, including spare batteries, so I'd want a 2000 back.

Anyway, advertising electronics without the model is like no different as advertising as "fruits" but not specifically saying what type of fruits.

Using photos taken from internet instead of self taken photos

While official product photos can be really beautiful and attractive, they does not tell the buyers the conditions of the item you're selling at all. A few beautiful of them is acceptable.

Another thing with photos is that some sellers take really bad photos that doesn't show the details of the product.

Rude responses

While I know sellers can choose not to reply messages (if they don't want to sell the item) but rude replies are just unacceptable!

I've chatted with a seller, asking for the model of a console (yes, the PSP) and the seller just reply saying she didn't know about models. It's a PSP and that I should just f*ck off if I want to be fussy.

Err... I didn't know asking about such an important aspect of a product is being fussy. Maybe she goes to a shop and say "Tops" and get what she wants, who knows.

These are the top 3 turn off for me when I visit Carousell. There could be more to come and maybe other bad experiences that I haven't encounter (touch-wood!) since I don't go there often.

Anyway, just a quick warning, Carousell is quite plagued with scams and knock-offs as reported by Channel NewsAsia. Carousell e-commerce scams jump 136% in first half of 2018

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