More exotic Lay's chips flavours!!

I guessed I've mentioned in my earlier posts that I wish to try as many flavours of Lay's potato chips as possible!

I recently came across several new flavours while shopping online. So I ordered them when there was a promotion!

Wasabi Flavour

Hmm... this is not new. I've seen many other brands selling Wasabi chips, but oh well, since I've never tried it, I just get it as well.

Kimchi Flavour

I love Kimchi, so when I saw a chips with this flavour, I just have to get it!! I hope it taste good...

Matcha Flavour

 Even though I drink Matcha and most tea, I usually don't enjoy things in Matcha flavour! I've tried some Matcha cake that taste like crap, hence I stay away from Matcha flvoured food. So I'm not to eager to try this one.

Cherry Blossom (sakura) Flavour

Ok, I've to leave this to the last because its what that excite me the most! I've never tasted anything with Cherry Blossom flavour so this will be the first!!

Anyway, this is all flavours I've gotten. I've yet to try any of them, but I'll definitely update about how they taste.

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