Should I get more expensive storage case for my earphones? 2

I've experimented with a few cheaper (less than SG$5) and slightly more expensive (SG$13-$14) protective storage cases in my previous post. Should I get more expensive carrying case for my earphones? Cheap carrying cases Vs More expensive carrying case

This time round, I've gotten a few hard cover cases. And by HARD COVER I really mean HARD. These cases are all plastic and are not going to squash under most conditions. They're also the ones I mentioned at the end of the post stated above.

KZ Resin Moisture-proof Colorful Earphones Storage Box


Material: ABS
Weight: 54g ± 3g
Size: 68 x 88 x 41 mm
Price: SG$5

Don't get fooled by its cute and "reflective" exterior.

This storage box is well-built and it doesn't look cheap. The clipper of the box is also really tight and clicks well. The only downside is that it is quite bulky and I don't see myself bringing it out as much.

The inside has foamy padding and I feel my earphones would be really safe inside these.

You can also hook it up with a clipper, which makes carrying more convenient.

Overall Score: 5/5

KZ Earphone Storage Box Portable Compression Resistance Protective Hard Case

Material: High quality PP
Size: 12.5 x 7.5 x 3.5cm

Price: SG$4

Similar with the KZ Resin storage box, this one comes with padding inside. However, this is much more larger and bulky and I don't see myself bring it out. It would have taken up too much space. It will be good for keeping spare earphones at home. With it size, it could easily store 2 pairs.

I noticed that "join" of the clippers does looks rather thin and I can't help but feel it won't last too many "flicks". It also doesn't comes with the design for hook, so yeah, it'll probably stay at home.

Overall Score: 4/5

Leather Storage Pouch

I know I said that this time round the cases would be HARD plastic ones... But I really want to include this one. This is such a disappointment, I need to mention it!

I was really excited for this, because it looks so cool on the photo.

Firstly, the colour appears to be slightly different, a little more brownish than the photo. Secondly, the leather is very stiff and the workmanship is not too good (the joints are not well aligned and the covering flip is longer on one side).

The compartment space is quite good though but this pouch is quite big and looks bulky.

This of course won't be good protecting your earphones (I didn't get it to be a protective case) but I thought it would at least look good or classy. But bleh, it looks cheap.

Overall Score: 2/5

I don't know which one is better at protecting the earphones - the "cases" or the "boxes". I guess each have their pros and cons. The cases are lighter but they're more easily squashed; the boxes are heavier but hardly squash-able.

So, in the end it still lies in your budget and personal preference.

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