Are Anti Blue light Screen Protectors really useful? An Anti Blue light "Challenge".

As mentioned in my previous post, I've bought some anti blue light screen protectors from Taobao. The reason I bought them was simple - to protect my eyes from the "harmful" blue light. Well, I've to use "harmful" (with the inverted commas) because there are different "arguments" from different "experts" with different views on such "anti-blue light" products and the effects of blue light on the human eyes.

No, you won't lose your eyeball due to blue light exposure

Some experts believe that blue lights are harmful to the eyes, some thinks more research are needed to prove that. You can read about these on this Business Insider US article by Kevin Loria:
Computer glasses that claim to protect your eyes from screens are selling like crazy, but they probably aren’t doing you much good

However, one things is clear. Blue light can affect your sleep. It delays the brain from producing Melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate circadian rhythm and helps us fall asleep.

So yeah, this could be the cause of my really bad sleep pattern and habit. (Although it's probably just one of the reasons)

Anyway, since I've gotten the screen protectors (although for the wrong reasons), I might as well try it out. Who knows, maybe they does helps.

But firstly, I'd like to briefly mention the "conditions" that led to me getting these anti-blue light screen protectors.

- Dry eyes (5-6 times a week)
- Headaches (rarely if I stop usage after my eyes feels dry)
- Difficulty sleeping (always feeling "so awake")

What I plan to do:

I'll be applying anti blue light screen protectors to all the screens I use very often (phone and computer LCD), other than my Television. And I'll see if I feel any differences.

But before that, I must determine if the screen protectors I bought really does have anti blue light abilities (filtering or blocking them).

Since, I do not have the torch for blue light testing, the only way I could test the screen protectors is to place them against blue colour on the screen and see if the blue darkens.

It's not so obvious in the photo, but I do see a slight "darkening" in the blue colour when I place the screen protector over the blue area. This protector may not have very high filtering ability but it does have a little at least.

I've tested both the screen protectors for my PC and phone, and my spectacles.

 Here is my phone, "geared" with the new anti Blue light protectors.

And my PC with its new "spectacles".

I won't be updating daily for this "challenge" but I'll when something interesting happens.

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