Shuo Tu (硕图) Selfie Stick with Tripod, Remote Shutter and Mirror

Although I don't really enjoy taking selfie, my family does. Actually, it's just my mother. LOL. But she has her way to make us all take together with her.

Anyway, the old selfie stick we have is faulty. It is not able to take a picture even though we had connected it with the audio jack. We could only use a camera shutter via Bluetooth, which drains battery like a running tap.

My mother requested a new selfie stick since she is planning to go on a trip with her friends and would like to take a truck of photos. I decided that since she would probably want to be taking many different kinds of photos - scenery, food, naked ... blah, I might as well throw in a tripod, a shutter and as many angle as possible. Anyway, a tripod would be good if I decided to do a challenge (like the 1 week Challenge to Improve Reaction time ) that requires video.

This the one I picked. This cost about SG$13 (You probably can't get one at time price with a tripod from any local or local online store, not even on secondhand platform like Carousell). I've initially wanted to get another selfie stick that cost more but comes with everything here plus built in Bluetooth and free portable"spotlight". However, I'd have to ship via sensitive shipment due to the batteries.

Yes, you NEED TO take note of these kind of things when buying from Taobao. (I had the seller take out the batteries from the remote shutter, just in case) Although some kind sellers might remind you, some just doesn't care and you might end up having your items retain at custom and/or needing to pay fine.


The selfie stick comes with a plain box, that looks quite nice actually. (sorry about the orientation)

There are some instructions printed on the back of the box. This selfie stick requires at least IOS5.0 and above and Android  4.3 and above.

For IOS, you just need to connect the given 3.5mm plug into your audio jack. For Android, you might need to do some setting. I don't have an android system you've to set Volume buttons to capture or take photos.

If the stick doesn't work with your system after changing the settings or there is no option to do that, they recommend 3rd party apps like Camera 360.

There are more detailed instructions in a small booklet included. But it's all in Chinese.

Weight and Ease of Use

The rod is made of Aluminum and is very light. The handle is covered with a layer of sponge that is really good to hold. The button is positioned well and easy to press.

The mirror, however looks kinda ugly and has scratches on it. I don't think it'll work well in helping you gauge the composition of the photo. (Yes, that's what it is suppose to do)

Portability and Size 


The stick is design with practicality and portability in mind. They have specially made a slot for the 3.5mm plug to avoid it being left dangling and to keep it in place.

Most of the compartments are foldable, so as to making it more portable and take up lesser space. The length (from handle to tip) when "fully folded" is about 25cm, while when fully extended, the stick can go up to 1m.

The phone holder is extremely tight and can be a little difficult to get your phone out from it. This also means that your phone is well secured and wouldn't be slipping out easily. When fully stretched, it can accommodate my iPhone 6 Plus without a problem and I believe it MIGHT BE (with much forcing) able to hold a smaller tablet as well.

The clipper is also able to rotate 270 degrees and bend to the sides as well, making it possible to take both portrait and landscape photos. However, you do have to bend the main joint to a certain angle before you can turn the clipper sideways. Not a big deal though.


The metal tripod stand is slightly on the heavier side, it is heavier that the selfie stick itself, but I guess it needs the weight for stability.

The tripod screws itself nicely into the hole at the bottom of the selfie stick. I've tried it with the selfie stick fully extended and it feels stable and doesn't wobble. 

I've yet to try the remote shutter because it doesn't have battery. But I do not intend to try it too as I've a remote shutter of my own.

Overall, I'm happy with my new selfie stick, I don't know about mum yet... Maybe I'll update after she comes back from her trip.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

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