A trip with an annoying, Childish person!


A childish person would usually be too immature to think for others. They would think that they deserve what they wanted and would sulk when things don't go their way. Some would even bring it further as to "punish" the person who make them unhappy.

I'm going to share a story about my brief stay with one really annoying and childish person. And thankfully it was only 4 days!

My families had planned a 4 days trip to Malacca and my cousin had asked a friend (let's call her Amber) to join us, to make up the numbers.They were both 23 then.

The first display of her selfishness was when she requested that we shift the picking up place of the coach to somewhere near her house so that she could "save on cab fare" and "not wake up so early" (our meeting times was really early and there is no public transport then). It was pretty inconsiderate, since most of us stay quite far away from her area, but we still gave in.

She was fine most of the journey. She is chatty and quite sociable Although she would at times make some inappropriate jokes, we still find her quite friendly.

Then on the 2nd day, disaster strikes.

Our schedule for the day is to shop in the famous Jonker Walk (Schedule was made known to all before the trip. We were also warn about the weather condition and temperature).

It was a hot day as expected and being a street market, there is obviously no air condition (except for a few shophouses, H&M and some cafes, but then due to the crowd, they may not be cool enough)

She was constantly complaining about the heat and asking for us to stop at cafes or shopping malls (There are a few large shopping malls some distance away). But we were there for the street market (and food) and don't plan to visit the malls until we're finished with Jonker Walk.

We told her that she could go to the cafes or malls and we'll met her when we're done. But she was reluctant to go alone. (My cousin wanted to shop around Jonker Walk too)

One of my uncle made a comment jokingly, "You're not a snow(wo)man, you won't melt.", while one of my auntie passed her a portable fan she brought, but she refused it.

After walking a little more, she was sulking and my cousin gave in and accompanied her to a shopping mall nearby.

It was already evening time when we are done with Jonker Walk. We decided to meet up with Amber and my cousin. We called them and was told that Amber had decided to go on her own.

Apparently, Amber had an argument with my cousin over a cake - the cake Amber wanted was sold out and she is unhappy about it. She claim, "it is all because you wasted time in Jonker (walk)!"

Deciding not to be affected by the unreasonable act of her friend, my cousin decided to continue with our journey. We shop a little while more and then had dinner before we headed back home.

When we got back, we found that she was in the living room, watching the TV and still sulking. She refused to respond when we talk to her. Sensing the unpleasant atmosphere, my cousin decided to talk to her. But Amber refused to communicate.

Things got bad from then on and she became really "like a child". She would be sulking almost everyday, even when we're being kind to her. By the end of the 3rd day, we finally realised that she is unhappy with my uncle (the one who made the snow(wo)man joke). Whenever he is near her, her face would turn ugly and refuse to talk. She would also refused any suggestions he made, even if it's the best option around.

Other times, she would refuse to accommodate to changes when something unpredictable comes up. We try to be more accommodating with her (although a few of my uncles and aunties are losing patience), and try ignoring her childish tantrums.

To be honest, I was almost on my last straw by the 4th day, lucky we are heading home already.

Finally when the trips ends, so did my cousin's and Amber's friendship.

Well, nobody likes to be with annoying and childish people. They can be really hard to put up with and you may ended up being a "nanny" instead of enjoying yourself.

While the trip has been quite unpleasant, I've learn a few things:

- Annoying people will be a "bad example" that we would tell ourselves never to follow and learn the consequences if we do act like them.

- They train us to become more patience, and "level up" our EQ.

- We can become better nannies ... LOL

Just kidding.


  1. Hello Hiby,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Perhaps there was something going through Amber's personal life that's making her like this? Just wondering.

    Sorry you have to go through this. But you are right, we learn to be patient when we encounter such personalities. And patience is definitely a virtue!

    I hope you're feeling better now.


    1. Hi Sigrid,

      You must be a very patience and considerate person! For you took the time to think for the person. I don't know Amber too well and her refusing communication just make us clueless about what is she feelings. My cousin said it could be because of my uncle's joke; Amber has been known to be quite petty.

      No worries, this happen quite a while ago already and so, it's no longer affecting me or my family.


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