How does the Lay's Kimchi, Wasabi and Cherry Blossom flavour chips taste like?

I've finally opened a packet of the Lay's chips to try, and it happened to be the Kimchi flavour one.

Although the packet seems quite big (70g), the content fill less than half the packet. It is very little actually. (I guess you can tell from the photo)

This is before I eat any of the chips! I swear!

The chips are pretty crashed due to the packing during shipment. The seller had not placed bubble wrap in the box to prevent the chips from being crashed. But oh well, I still manage to find a few "complete" chips.

The chips is slightly waved, which is quite different from the usual Lay's chips I had. But I do realised that their "special/seasonal" flavour chips are usually in waved form. Just saying.

Now to the taste. How it taste?

Ok, I exaggerated a little. The chips doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't taste like what it should be. It taste NOTHING like Kimchi.

In fact, it taste like, Tomato flavoured chips. And yes, it's NOT SPICY at all.
So obviously I'm disappointed, because I'm a huge fan of Kimchi.

I guess I'm better off taking a spoon of Kimchi with a piece of potato chip.
It would taste closer to what I expect.

Cherry Blossom

While I'm excited about this flavour ... because it seems so "sweet, fantasy and romanctic" ... it turned out to be AWFUL!! I mean it! It taste so bad, my family just has 1-2 pieces each and then tied the packing up!!

I've a hard time trying to describe the taste - it's ... it reminds me of some kind of fragrance scent used in some cheap hotel. It has little bit of that and then toward the end, a faint sour after taste. Just weird!


I didn't take a photo of the wasabi flavoured chips but the amount is similar to the Cherry Blossom one above and the texture of the chips is the same too.

This one turned out to be my favourite of the 3 flavours I've tried so far. It has that Wasabi taste BUT it neither too spicy nor pungent!

Which means, even those who can't take the pungent or spiciness of wasabi can eat this chip!

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