Cheap and Reliable International Forwarder: Xiayi Biao Ju (Chivalrous) Delivery/forwarder

Xiayi Biao Ju Forwarder

 I've mentioned in my previous post that I've ordered some "very sensitive chips" from Taobao, hence they need to be shipped via sensitive (special) shipping, which cost a little more.

I've chosen to ship with Xiayi Biao Ju ( (Chinese: 侠义镖局集运中心). The company seems to build their image on being a chivalrous group of escorts (Deliveryman in ancient China).

But that of course is not what attracted me to their website. It's their price, reviews and quick respond time. Here is their Price list for shipment to Singapore.

Xiayi Biao Ju Forwarder Price List

 Xiayi Biao Ju also promised that price include tax if total shipment is below RMB2000 and also full compensation for shipment below RMB5000 (for Normal Goods Shipment).

Although their price is actually a little more expensive than the cheapest Taobao Appointed forwarder, but I've no choice since I need to be shipping "special goods".

As mentioned above, one of the reason I engaged them is because of their respond or rather their customer service. I remember contacting quite a number of forwarders via chat on Taobao and they're one of the first few that responded, almost within minutes.

I've contacted them quite a few times, sometimes asking "stupid" questions like (is this the correct way to write the address? Is postal code correct...blah)  and the customer service personnel is patient and very helpful. They reconfirm everything with me and made me feel quite safe engaging their service.


3 days (2 working days) after making payment, they've yet to update me about the status of my package and I've to contact them to ask about it. Waited for a day, no reply...

Xiayi Biao Ju (Chivalrous) Delivery/forwarder

Finally, they replied the next day, stating that they have a little difficulty finding my parcel because I've entered a different User ID (which is true, I mistype my User ID, oops) But anyway, they also confirmed (showing tracking number and parcel status) that my parcel has already reached Singapore. I was a little skeptical, but when I checked my phone, I saw an SMS informing that I've a parcel that will be delivered today.

Minutes later, I received a call and it's the deliveryman asking if there is anyone home. He promise to delivery within 2 hours time (by 2pm). And sure enough, I got the parcel in my hands before 2pm!

Although one of the bottle is badly wrecked (and chips fell all over the box and my floor!), I'm still pretty satisfy with the overall service and speed. I mean to be fair, the package went through a at least 2-3 deliveries (from place of origin to Shen Zhen) before reaching Singapore and delivery took only 5 working days.

However, if you don't find this acceptable, you may need to inform the seller and your forwarder to double secure you items. But that would also add weight and volume, meaning you might need to pay more, give and take.

Anyway, here is my score card for Xiayi Biao Ju (Chivalrous) Delivery/forwarder:

Pre-payment Customer Service: 5/5
Speed of Sending out: 4.5/5 
Overall: 4/5 (-1 because I wasn't informed or given tracking number before contacting them)
Trustworthiness: 4.5/5.

I find Xiayi Biao Ju (Chivalrous) Delivery/forwarder to be a cheap and good international forwarder/delivery and I'm sure I'll engage them again if I need to buy "sensitive goods". 

EDIT:  It seems like Xiayi Biao Ju has closed down... and I've switched to another forwarder. I'll share about it later.


  1. I am thinking of buying some power bank and smartwatches, do you think they ship?

    1. No, they don't. I've enquire about shipping power banks but they said that they don't provide the service. You might want to look for other forwarder.


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