Which is a better site to shop online? Taobao Vs Qoo100 Vs Aliexpress

 Ok, I decided to do a comparison out of fun. And before getting started, please note that this is personal opinion and experience.


Taobao is my favourite out of the 3 shopping sites, because it has a huuuuuuge variety of selections and products and the price can be really really cheap. Delivery is also pretty cheap and fast.
As usual, I'll go straight to Pros and Cons.

Huge selection of products in different categories
Relatively Cheap
Lots of sales and promotion (like the well-known 11.11 Sales)
Easy and cheap delivery 
Can combine items for shipment
Responsive Customer Service/Sellers
Able to buy insurance for quite a cheap price (but is not very helpful)
Freebies (although hard to win) and $0.01 try out.
Loyalty Program

Considerable risk of getting fake stuffs
Risk of scam (but will be greatly reduced if buy from TMall)
Site is in Chinese, so might be a problem if you don't know Chinese

I've received a few faulty but usable items, when contacted the seller, they quickly refunded me without any problem.


Qoo10 is a local shopping site in Singapore which offers products and items catered more towards locals. Shipment is very cheap for locals, not so sure about overseas shipping.

Cheap to free delivery (and options to pickup at store)
Fast local Shipment
Lesser risk of fake and scam
Promotions, Coupons and other ways to get discounts
Loyalty Program

Selection is not as great
Can be a little more expensive than Taobao
Shipment outside Singapore might be expensive
Cannot combine for shipment


One of the largest international/global shopping site. A huge range of selections too but no one came close to the selection Taobao offers.

Free to low shipping (for some shops)
Quite a huge selection
Buyer Protection (helpful or not, I'm not sure)
Freebies and chance to win Coupons

Shipment is very long (3 weeks or more)
More expensive than Taobao
Higher risk of fake and scams 
Loyalty Program is not that attractive
Cannot combine shipment

I've had 2 disputes on Aliexpress, one turn out well and I get my refund but the other was a bad experience. The way Aliexpress handle dispute can be a little rigid like they require a certain format and content to get approved.

Anyway, I made a little table to compare the 3 sites:

Ok, this conclude my post! See ya!

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