Plextone X53M Earphone Review

Plextone X53M review |


General Specification
  Brand Name   Plextone
  Model Number   X53M
  Optional Color   Black, Grey, Gold
  Wearing Type   In-ear
  Cable Length (m)   1.2m
  Product Weight   20g
  Cable Material   TPE
Technical Parameters
  Microphone   Yes
  Wired Control   Support
  Louspeaker Diameter   10mm
  Plug Type   3.5mm
  Distortion   0.1%
  Receive Sensitivity   95±1dB
  Impedance   16Ω

I'm actually pretty excited about receiving my spree and able to try out new earphones!

However, that's before I open the packaging!

The one I got was not only opened before, the seal is being stick back with some tape. I'm also missing the pouch and my pair have no magnetic absorption as promised! (Maybe the seller realised that his phone cover's magnet isn't working anymore and decided to "borrow" from the earphone, who knows). Fortunately, the earphones are working fine.

Even though it's only about SG$15 and I don't need those items, but I'm not very please with the seller's dishonest acts. If you ask me, I'll probably not go back to him again.

Anyway, back to the earphone. Although there is no "Wow" factor when unboxing, I was pretty surprised by the packaging design actually. It's simple but yet presentable (Although mine obvious has been opened before!), which make it pretty "gift-able" (presentable as a gift).

Plextone X53M Earphone Review | ishopiuseireview.comPlextone X53M review |
The earphone itself feels very solid, especially the metal housing and the strong cables that feels like it can be use to walk a dog. (Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it just feels much more solid and durable than any earphones I've owned)

Plextone X53M review | Plextone X53M Earphone Review |
Plextone X53M review | Plextone X53M Earphone Review |

I've a difficult time deciding if I like the design of the earphones. I kinda like the very metalic and golden colour of the housing but the design of the Mic piece, just feels a little bleh... I don't know it feels kinda "old-school". I guess, you can say the overall feel of the earpiece is pretty "vintage", 60s, in a way and that's what makes it special (or kinda "turn-off" for some who prefers a more futuristic, modern look.)

I've tried the earphones for 2 days now and I like how it sound on most of the genre I listen to (mainly, Indie, Electro-Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock, Cpop and rap) Oh, I also tried it on the Diamond Zhang (Bi Chen) song I mentioned in a previous post. All test are done on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Ok, now, I'll jump straight to the Pros and Cons.


- Accessories (2 replacements eartips (S,L), 1 cable clip and a pouch (which mine got eaten!)

- Bass lacks a little impact but is still good!

- Solid build and cable.

- Vintage, 60s feel (depends on your preference)

- Mic is really nice to sing with.


- Noise Cancellation is pretty weak.

- Mids is overpowered by the bass and seems 

- The person beside you can sing-along if you turn the volume up. (> 70%)

- Bad fit, they just keep falling out of my ears.

- The control just doesn't feel or look too good.

- Highs can be a little clearer but is still pretty decent.

Overall score: 3/5 Microphone: 4/5
Plextone X53M Earphone Review |
Plextone X53M Earphone Review |

*Note: I'm no audiophile, just a person who loves music and earphones!! And is learning about them.

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