Pelson cute Charging Cables! Great as souvenirs and small gifts!

I've gotten these cute little "candies" as a souvenir from a friend. I really adore them! I mean they're really really cute and the packaging is just very colourful and eye catching. (They come in a few more colours than these, there is purple, green...etc) Although to be honest, the cable can be a little thinner, width wise, but oh well ... can't get best of both world.

I've been using the cable (pink one) for almost 2 weeks now and it prove to be very durable. I am guessing it's because of the not-so-thin cable that it can actually hold weight and stress quite well. I mean, I accidentally left my power bank hanging just by this cable for a few times (I admit, I have a problem remembering that I've a power bank attached. My doctor say there is no cure, so...) Anyway, the cable is still staying very strong.

The charging speed is good and charging is stable throughout. However, I do find the length might be a problem at times, like when I prefers my power bank to be on the table while I play game on my phone, and with the 20cm length, I obviously couldn't do that... (So actually, it's not totally my fault that the power bank is left hanging by the cable, right?)

Anyway, I really think these cute little cables are very good as souvenirs or for gift exchange if the budget is not high!

*They have a Android version too.

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