Cheap Shopping! Arrival of my Mini Taobao Spree!!

I actually ordered these items on the 18 June promotion, I don't know why there is a sales on 6.18, I just ride on it. Lol.

Due to the sales, many items were about RMB10 off and I noticed that ZTO Express is also giving a RMB15 off.

So I ordered a few glass bottles and 2 sets of earphones - 1More 1M301 and Plextone X53M and chose to ship with ZTO.

The delivery took quite long (comparatively of course). The usually time for my Taobao parcel to reach the consolidating center is usually about 2 days, no matter which part/state the original destination is, and about another 3-4 days to reach Singapore. But it took about 3 days for 2 of my items to finally reach the consolidating center and about 5 days before my parcel left China. I got my parcel about 9 days after placing the orders, which is still pretty fast. No complains here.

The package came rather well protected and in a huge sack. (If only it was red then I can use it during X'mas! Lol)

I am generally please with ZTO service even though I am not the one receiving the package but my mother says the deliveryman knocked a few times waited for quite a while instead of leaving straight away like our dear cannot-knock-more-than-once SingPost deliveryman. They also sent SMS about 90 minutes prior to the delivery to prepare you for it. I've used a few different delivery service before and only ZTO and NinjaVan provide this SMS service.

I am also rather thankful to the seller who packed the individual items really well. Like how these bottles were packed and protected. (I'll get to the earphones in their individual reviews)

If you're curious as to why I need these bottles, well, there are 2 reasons:

1) My mother is very into making "pickled" food and need glass bottles.

2) My friend is planning to start a homemade Tiramisu business and is looking for suitable containers. (I'll update on this if she ever get started!)

These bottles are of very good quality. The glass is thick and clear and the lids are smooth and pretty solid. They definitely doesn't feel or look cheap at all! (Even though they're pretty cheap, like SG$1.4-1.8/bottle depending on size)

Overall, I am happy with my purchases! Very shiok! LOL!

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