Joyroom JR-D121 10000mAh Portable Power Bank Review

Joyroom JR-D121c Power Bank review | ishopiuseireview.comCapacity: 5001~10000mAh
USB Port: 2 Ports
Feature: Flashlight,Multi-Output,Digital Indicator Brand: Joyroom
Color: Black
Output Voltage DC: 5V
Output Current: 2.1A

Product Description:
- Dual USB port output,sync charge two device;
- Digital display on lcd screen,and there is led flashlight;
- 10000mAh to charge your iPhone 3 times (Not in my case, see below), 15% charging speed up;
- Overheat protecting,overcharge protecting,automatic sleep to extend service life.

In Package:
1 * Mobile power bank
1 * Charging cable (Micro USB)

I actually plan to get this as a present for a friend, however, due to Aliexpress super long shipment (about 3 weeks), I got her something else instead and kept this for myself.

Joyroom JR-D121c Power Bank review |

The 1st impression of the Joyroom D121 Powerbank is that it is very well packaged and looks pretty stylish. The powerbank itself feels solid and the design is simple in an attractive way. It doesn't look or feel cheap.

I did a rough measurement of the powerbank (with ruler since I don't have the tools), the dimension is: ~14.2x7x1.2cm.

Joyroom JR-D121c Power Bank review | ishopiuseireview.comJoyroom JR-D121c Power Bank review |

The LED display (showing not only the percentage left but also the output/input voltage) is very well done and gave the powerbank a cool and "futuristic" feel to it. I've tested the torchlight function and it turned out to be pretty bright.

HOWEVER, there is one thing I've problem with the product description. I did a little "experiment" on my own and realised that the powerbank is not able to charge my iPhone 6 Plus 3 times as mentioned (in the product description).

I do thing there could be a few possibility that affects the "fairness" of my experiment:

1) My iPhone is jailbroken, meaning it'll consume more battery.
2) I did have some level of usage during the charging period.
3) Bigger screen = more battery consumption

But anyway, I'm going to share what I observe.

I started charging my phone at around 16:00, from 9%. The Powerbank is at 89% then.


Joyroom JR-D121c Power Bank review |

Basically, I don't think the Joyroom JR-D121 could charge my iPhone 6 Plus fully for 3 times. 2 times, maybe.

Finally, I'll go to the Pros and Cons.

Digital LED
"Easygoing" as in it can accept most cables I use with it.

Long recharging hours (up to 7 hours)


  1. Replies
    1. Hi,
      To charge the power bank, plug in the micro usb to the input
      To charge a phone, plug in a cable for your phone into the power bank and then the other side to your phone.

      Hope it helps

  2. Charging is done in the normal way. You have to connect to the power outlet. portable charger iphone

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