Remax RM-305M Earphone Review

32 ohm
PU Composite Diaphragm
Aluminum Alloy
Abrasive Blasting
Three Key Volume Control and Microphone
Braided Wire and TPE Wire
120mm Cable Length
3.5mm Plug
Comes with a stylish carrying pouch.

The reason I get this pair is because I'm attracted to the design and I am also trying to find out if semi-in-ear (on-ear) or in-ear will fit me better. This pair cost a little more than the RM610D, I got it for about SGD16.

The packaging is very presentable and the unboxing is fun. I really have to applaud Remax for making very presentable (and gift-able) packaging and earphones for such a low price. However, I've a problem with the way the wire is packed - the wire is "packed" in a way that there is a bend on the TPE wire.

The earphones are very beautiful and the texture feels very good. The aluminum alloy exterior feels really solid and very stylish. I also really like the combination of braided and TPE wire. (Braided from the plug to the Y-joint and TPE one the left and right wires.)

Remax RM305M review |

Side: (I recently found a song that is a mixture of musical/classical with a little of pop and I find it a good song to test with. It's call Hu tao jia zi (胡桃夹子) by Diamond Zhang Bi Chen (张碧晨)) So, yes, I tested these with this song and plan to test future earphones with it as well.

Now, I will go straight to the Pros and Cons of the Remax RM305M.


- Reasonably wide soundstage (but not as great as the RM610D).

- Great bass, energetic and punchy.
- Volume control works really well with iPhone.
- Mids and highs are pretty clear and not overpowering.

- Extremely good microphone, sound very good on the singing app.
(Voice sounds clear and unlike the RM610D, doesn't becomes dull of flat with high notes or loudness.) The best earphone microphone I've even sang on!


- Noise cancellation is decent but not great.

- Not for prolong listening, my ear hurts after few hours of listening. (even with the sponge covering)

- Not flat (noodle) cable - Tangles a lot more than the RM610D.

- Durability is a problem.

The right side loosen after just about a month of use and it no longer have sound. I was pretty disappointed with it because I really love it as a microphone for singing app.

Overall score: 3/5 Microphone: 4.5/5

It could be I am unlucky and got a defective pair, but anyway this is my experience with the Remax Rm-305M earphones.

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