Sennheiser MM30i Earphone Review

Note:This is more of a personal experience and not professional review, in fact this review wouldn't cover much of technical details.

This pair cost me about SG$55 when I get it from Qoo10, a local shopping site.

I was actually leaning towards the a-Jays Three (or Four) when I was looking around for a pair to replace my original Apple one. But somehow, when I landed on the online shopping site, this baby was on promotion, it was over 60 (back then) and it's about 55 plus shipping after the discount.

So I went and researched on Sennheiser (as a brand) and the MM30i as well. The reviews were mostly positive, with some exceptions who compared it to earpiece twice its price.

My personal experience with the pair (from my memory, since I lost it quite some time ago) is that it is much clearer than the Apple pair I own.

I am a huge Hebe Tien fan, so I mainly try the earpiece on her songs (mainly, "My Love", "Love", "無事生非 (Make Trouble Out of Nothing)" and "超級瑪麗 (Super Marie)") and on the few Kpop songs I've in my list (Shinee's Lucifer, Super Junior Sorry Sorry and 2NE1 Lonely Acoustic Version) I also tried it with a few Jay Chou's rap songs.

I can hear much more details, especially on the guitar and piano. The bass is though not totally punchy but is rather reasonable while the voice (vocal) is rather clear. Overall, the listening experience is much more energetic compared to the Apple pair.

Good sound, balanced and sounds good on most genre I listen to.
Durable (I've it in the washing machine twice and it stayed strong for 3 months before I lost it)
Work very well with the iPhone (Volume and music control)
Comfortable even after long hours of listening (comes with 3 sets of eartips, so you can find the right size for your ear)

Microphone is a little soft for singing, but clear when talking on the phone.
Bass can be slightly better.
Design can be a little better.
Controls are a little stiff (hard to press)

Mic score (for singing app): 3.5/5.

Overall, this is my favourite earpiece for listening to music on. Sennheiser will always be a brand I look out for when it comes to earpieces, but I'll wait for promotion before buying. LOL.

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