First Experience buying from Lazada

 I recently bought my first purchase on Lazada app on my iPhone, and I'm going to share my experience with you guys.

I bought a 6 port charging hub and a USB-C to USB 3.0 adaptor from Wavlink and a headphone amp.
Lazada doesn't give me the option to combine shipment but since shipment for both are free, I don't really care. LOL.

Shipment Fee

It depends, but it ranges from $0 (free) to $6, from my observation. If you get their LiveUp membership for an annual fee. 

Speed of Delivery (5/5)

I paid on the 7th of December (yes, missing the double 12 sales, since I enjoy discount from the shop coupons).

7 Dec: Paid for items.

8 Dec: Packed and sent out.

10 Dec: Arrived at the Logistic facility

11 Dec: Departed from Country of Origin (China)

12 Dec: Arrived in Singapore, then to Local courier.

13 Dec: Received parcel in the morning. (About 9-10am)

I was surprised by the speed of delivery.

Anyway, for my second shipment (for the headphone amp), also from China, has yet to reach me but it has arrived in Singapore already. The delivery is super fast!

Condition of Parcel (4.5/5)

Nicely wrapped and protected, so much so, I've a difficult time opening it. The items are in almost perfect conditions with little dents or squashing.

Partner/Local Courier (4/5)

They engaged with CJ Logistic which I've never heard of. I do like their service, at least from the cheerful and friendly delivery woman. However, I do wish if they do SMS or email to inform ahead. I was a little caught by surprise. Lucky, I haven't leave for breakfast.

Price (3.5/5)

Well, I did checked out a few items (mainly earphones, chargers and cables) and some of them cost about the same or just a few dollars more expensive than Taobao (after you include the shipment fee from China to SG). But of course not all of those items have free delivery, so some of them would cost around $5-6 more than if you buy directly from Taobao.

But to be fair, they cost much cheaper than on Qoo10.

Overall: 4/5.

I've a good experience this time round and I'm looking forward to my headphone amp and of course, shopping on Lazada again.

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